The Lust Life Of Casey Anthony: 3 Sex Shockers And Secret Allegations

Casey Anthony on June 24, 2011. [Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel/MCT]

From the tragic get-go, sex has figured into the Casey Anthony murder case to the point that, at times, the good looks and bodacious appeal of the woman harangued as “Tot Mom” has seemed to supersede the fact that she stood accused of killing her two-year-old daughter, Caylee.

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From provocative “party girl” photos plastered all over the Internet to claims of inappropriate and/or illegal intercourse throughout her life, Casey Anthony is permanently awash in bedroom-based whispers of the press and the public alike. Here are three such examples.

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The definite biological paternity of Caylee Anthony is, shall we say, murky. Despite the fact that Casey Anthony has made a statement about who Caylee’s dad is, there are enough other contenders for the role that her word hasn’t necessarily been taken at face value. Not to mention, she’s not exactly known for her honesty.

This could also be because, as implied by rumormongers, she was known to be so promiscuous that she couldn’t even hazard a guess as to who actually got her pregnant. To date, a handful of names have come up as potential fathers. And mysteriously, and perhaps conveniently, none of them are alive anymore to weigh in on the debate.

According to The Tampa Bay Times, Anthony identified Caylee’s father as Jesus Ortiz, a Florida resident who was killed in a 2007 car accident. In a weird twist, Michael Duggan, who dated Anthony and also perished in a 2007 auto crash, has also been pegged as Caylee’s dad. His mother told The Daily Beast she is “100% certain” of it.

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During the litany of lies that erupted following Caylee being reported missing, ABC News reported that Anthony said someone named Eric Baker fathered her daughter. No evidence turned up of an “Eric Baker” being connected to Anthony — but, freakishly, someone by that name who lived in Kentucky also died in a 2007 car wreck.

Jesse Grund, who was Anthony’s boyfriend after Caylee was born, took a DNA test and discovered he was not the father. Still, Grund told People magazine he was close to the child, stating: “For the first year or two of her life, I was Dad.” [Heavy]


During her court-appointed evaluations with psychiatrist Jeffrey Danziger, M.D., and psychologist William Weitz, Ph.D, Casey Anthony reportedly claimed that her father, George Anthony, sexually abused her throughout her life.

Danziger reported that Anthony described the encounters as “disgusting, demeaning, intercourse, and everything.” She also allegedly said, “My first real sex was at age 16. Well, as opposed to anything that was intrafamilial” — meaning not with her father.

Casey Anthony on June 24, 2011. [Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel/MCT via Getty Images]

Casey Anthony on June 24, 2011. [Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel/MCT via Getty Images]

In addition, Danziger testified that Casey said she feared that George had fathered his own granddaughter and, in fact, killed the child.

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Jose Baez, Casey’s defense attorney, reiterated this theory in his 2012 book, Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony — The Inside Story, where he wrote:

“It all began when Casey was eight years old, and her father came into her room and began to touch her inappropriately and it escalated … She could be 14 years old … and go to school and play with the other kids as if nothing [had] happened.”

A DNA test clearly established that George Anthony was not Caylee’s father. He has also never been arrested nor charged for any crime connected to the disappearance or death of his granddaughter. [New York Daily News]


In May 2016, People magazine reported that Dominic Casey, a private investigator who previously worked for Casey Anthony, claimed in an affidavit that A) Anthony was having a sexual relationship with her defense attorney, Jose Baez; and B) Baez said that Anthony admitted to him that she killed Caylee.

Specifically, the investigator stated that he once happened upon “a naked Casey” in Baez’s office one day, and that she said she owed him oral sex for getting her out of an interview.

In addition, Dominic reportedly stated that Baez “told me that Casey had murdered Caylee and dumped the body somewhere, and he needed all the help he could get to find the body before anyone else did.”

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Immediately upon these claims breaking, Baez issued a strong denial, stating:

“I unequivocally and categorically deny exchanging sex for my legal services with Ms. Anthony. I further unequivocally and categorically deny having any sexual relationship with Ms. Anthony whatsoever. I have always conducted my practice consistent with the high ethical standards required of members of the Florida Bar. My representation of Ms. Anthony was no exception.”

Baez threatened legal action, which has not led to any courtroom activities — to date. [People]

Main photo: Casey Anthony on June 24, 2011. [Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel/MCT]

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      Why multiplelife sentences?!?! Lol

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        No chance of EVER getting out!! Parole denied permanently

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            Its been known to have been done in a court of law, to those who have committed heinous crimes.

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