What’s Been Up With Casey Anthony Since She Got Off: 4 Crucial Updates

Casey Anthony on February 13, 2017 [AP Photo/Joshua Replogle]

On July 5, 2011, the jury in the murder trial of Casey Anthony delivered a “not guilty” verdict, and the world seemed to erupt with outrage and indignation.

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After minute-by-minute news coverage, endless talk-show hoopla, and protests and debates both online and off, the woman branded “the most hated mom in America” and harangued as “Tot Mom” beat the rap for the 2008 disappearance and slaying of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

The media circus and the public uproar slowly subsided, although fascination with the case never faded away. Anthony herself did seem to fade away from the spotlight, though, effectively slipping into anonymity to the point that if she did turn up anywhere outdoors, somebody reported on it.

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In March 2017, Casey Anthony, who’s now 30, finally broke her silence with her first public interview in a half-decade. Here are four updates as to what Anthony’s been doing since her acquittal.


Sitting with an AP reporter for a five-part Q&A, Anthony spoke at length about her present life. She stunned observers with a few choice quotes that included:

“I don’t give a s— about what anyone thinks about me, I never will. I’m okay with myself, I sleep pretty good at night…. I understand the reasons people feel about me. I understand why people have the opinions that they do. I’m still not even certain as I stand here today about what happened.”

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Anthony also admitted lying to the police, also noting:

“Cops tend to victimize the victims. Cops lie to people every day. I’m just one of the unfortunate idiots who admitted they lied…. My dad was a cop. You can read into that what you want to.”

Casey Anthony on February 13, 2017 [AP Photo/Joshua Replogle]

Casey Anthony on February 13, 2017 [AP Photo/Joshua Replogle]

As for her daughter, Anthony said, “Caylee would be 12 right now, and would be a total badass. I’d like to think she’d be listening to classic rock and playing sports and not taking s— from anybody.” [Associated Press]


During her AP interview, Casey Anthony said she had become fascinated with the 1994 O.J. Simpson murder trail, stating, “There are a lot of parallels” to her own case and adding: “I can empathize with his situation.”

At present, Anthony lives with and works for Patrick McKenna, a private eye who worked as the lead investigator for the defense teams of both Casey and O.J.

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In March 2017, InTouch magazine printed an unofficial, uncredited rumor that Casey and O.J. might possibly be costarring on a reality TV show, once Simpson gets out of prison for stealing sports memorabilia at gunpoint.

According to the report in InTouch, the source said: “It will give viewers the inside story on the aftermath of living with the horrible crimes they were ultimately acquitted of.”

InTouch further quoted the same unnamed source as saying that O.J. was “putting Casey on his visitor list, and is even willing to pay for her to visit.” [Daily Mail]


In November 2015, Casey Anthony filed papers to open Case Photography in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Anthony had always been a talented shutterbug and she looked to be putting her skills to work. The address listed on the filing indicated a property owned by Patrick McKenna, her ex-investigator and current boss, with whom she also lives.

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Case Photography opened January 1, 2016. News of the launch hit the media the following month, and incensed online readers bombarded the company’s Facebook page with negative messages, prompting it to be taken down.

The company’s Twitter page is still up, although it hasn’t been active since August. [Orlando Sentinel]


The AP reporter who, at last, convinced Casey Anthony to chat for the public initially came across her while he was covering an anti-Trump protest in February 2017 staged outside the President’s “Winter White House” in Florida, Mar-a-Lago.

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After being initially spotted by a TV news crew, Anthony declined to talk on camera, but said she opposed President Trump’s policies. The AP scribe turned out to be more persuasive, and … here we are. [Palm Beach Post]

Main photo: Casey Anthony on February 13, 2017 [AP Photo/Joshua Replogle]

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