Police: Gunman Who Nicknamed Himself “Black Jesus” Killed Three White Men

Kori Ali Muhammad [Fresno Police Department]

FRESNO, CA — A gunman who reportedly went by the nickname “Black Jesus” killed three men in downtown Fresno, California, on Tuesday,  police say.

The suspect, Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, then fired at another man, a security guard, before he was taken into custody while shouting “Allahu Akhbar” – which means “God is great” in Arabic.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer told reporters at a press conference that Muhammad was also wanted in connection with the fatal shooting last week of an unarmed security guard at a Motel 6 in Fresno.

Dyer said Muhammad fired at least 16 rounds from a large-caliber handgun in less than a minute at four downtown Fresno locations at about 10:45 A.M. local time before he was spotted running through the streets by a police officer.

Immediately upon the individual seeing the officer he literally dove onto the ground and was taken into custody, and as he was taken into custody he yelled out ‘Allahu Akhbar,'” Dyer said.

The chief said Muhammad, who is African-American, went by the nickname “Black Jesus” and told investigators that he “does not like white people.” All of Muhammad’s victims were white.

Muhammad has a long rap sheet that includes weapons and drug charges, and has spent time behind bars, police say.

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Main photo: Kori Ali Muhammad [Fresno Police Department]

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