Disappeared: What Happened To Utah Teen Macin Smith?

Utah teen Macin Smith should be gearing up to celebrate his upcoming 19th birthday with his family on April 7. But Macin walked away from his St. George home in the early morning hours of Tuesday, September 1, 2015 — and vanished without a trace.

According to his mother Tracey Bratt-Smith, she and Macin’s father Darrin believed that the teen was on his way to Desert High School. The family had moved to Utah from Canada five months earlier.

On a new episode of Investigation Discovery’s Disappeared, Bratt-Smith revealed that when Darrin told her that Macin was missing, she first thought he may have just been “blowing off steam” due to the fact that his phone and computer had been confiscated the night before. But chillingly, later on, his parents discovered a note folded inside his wallet. They have not released the contents, but have revealed that the note contained information that led his family to believe that Macin may have planned to harm himself. The family says that Macin had a history of depression.

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Speaking exclusively to Gephardt Daily, Bratt-Smith talked about the family’s attempts to keep Macin’s story in the public eye. “This has been the longest 18 months of our lives, yet we have no other choice but to move forward and think of new and creative ways to get Macin’s story out to the public,” Tracy Bratt-Smith told the publication.

She said that family and friends have used several “creative ideas” including stamping money, bumper stickers, and T-shirts. Bratt-Smith and other family members have posted Facebook updates almost every day to the Help Find Macin Smith page, which has over 27,000 members, using hashtag #MacinsArmy.

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Macin is six foot four, weighed almost 200 pounds at the time of his disappearance, and has blonde hair and blue eyes. There is a $10,000 reward being offered for information leading to Macin’s location.

There have been multiple possible sightings of Macin in St. George and in locations including the northern California city of Modesto and the Sacramento area. Police are investigating these areas.

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Authorities have asked anyone with information about Macin is asked to call the St. George Police Department at (435) 627-4300, or David Cummings at Red Rock Search and Rescue at (702) 787-4068.

If you are in search of a missing person, make sure to enter their information into the database of the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

To learn more about the case, watch Investigation Discovery’s Disappeared “Story of Macin Smith” online now.

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Main image: Macin Smith missing poster [St. George Police Department] 

  • Karen Morris

    Really sad for the family, hopefully he will be found safe 🤞🏻 ❤️

    • FOL

      I hope so too! But, sadly, it is more likely Macin walked into the nearby desert to die. This has happened with similarly depressed/mental ill people who are desperate to end their suffering, as seen with other missing persons on the TV show Disappeared. A skull or bones are often found within a few years by hikers, hunters or park rangers, but some bones are never located as the expanse of the vast area is too daunting for police/private searches, and the wildlife will often scatter the remains if accessible (e.g. not stuck in a ravine).

      Macin seems to have taken NOTHING with him – just the clothes on his body. He is quite introverted and socially awkward; he doesn’t know how to drive, let alone how to plan a new life on the fly and under the radar, so to speak. This is NOT the profile of a resourceful, bold runaway who is to prosper within another city. Since the family hasn’t released Macin’s lengthy “suicide” letter, we can surmise it likely explains the depth of his despair and world weariness, as indicated by his parents admission that he wrote “I am done” with resolution they found very disheartening. Nothing else is likely to be revealed until Macin is recovered, as a letter of that magnitude does not instill an optimistic public to be on the lookout for a suicidal teenager.

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      • flying dachshund


      • Glen

        If this is the case, then they really need to let us know what was in Macin’s letter, or just how serious the believe his threats were. Otherwise they have all of us holding out hope that he will be found safe and happy, and out looking for him. When people ought to be focused on finding his remains instead.

        If he ran away, he’s an adult now and can take care of himself and his destiny. We don’t need to be endlessly searching for him, particularly if he is no longer with us.

        • Maureen P Retting

          Are there people actively looking for Macin at this time? I would hope that the Parents have been up front and open with the people that are still hopeful and searching. It’s so damn sad to even watch this today. I was crying like he was my own. To think such a young man, with everything in front of him, would feel so hopeless and lost. I pray that he finds peace, no matter how he ends his life on earth.
          Pray for Macin. Peace my Friend.😢

          • sue450

            they have macins army facebook page with 40,000 people

        • Rob Mullin

          His family will not reveal the rest of the letter.I speculate (and cautiously) that he ran away as many gay youths in Utah do.What more did the letter say? They wouldn’t even reveal it when his story aired on the show Disappeared. Is his family being blatantly misleading in order to avoid tainting their “perfect Mormon masquerade”?

        • jacqueline a

          At the end of that Disappeared segment the mother stated that the father is looking for a dead body, not a missing person. But until a body is found, it is very difficult to stop hoping and looking for a child. A letter is just a letter. It’s not proof of suicide. Still, this couple will probably call off the search soon. The dad seems ready… and the mom looks weary.

        • Kathryn Stinson

          I really think for all of us that really care about this story and him as a 17yr old just walking off no money,clothes, etc. He had to have went and met someone. Your right Glen why still hide the letter from us? Also,he had other brothers and sisters and they don’t talk about if they miss him ? What do they think?? Maybe in the letter Macin accused his parents of something they did to him….the dad I think cuz it really looks like he loves his mom. Dad idk???strange. They should look into his siblings more to get info. What do u think Glen?

          • Glen

            I sincerely hope that he met someone and he is now off somewhere safe and happy and simply doesn’t trust his family not to interfere in his life if he contacts them. It’s reasonable to suspect that since he did leave with nothing that he must have had some assistance in leaving and subsequently living his life while remaining under the radar. Given various circumstances in Macin’s life I can definitely see this happening.

            Unfortunately, I understand that human remains were discovered in the desert just south of where Macin disappeared. Though apparently they have been unable to identify those remains. This is of course incredibly disheartening, and I know we all desperately hope that this is not him.

            If his note was a suicide note then I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have shared it, or at least have informed people that in all likelihood that will be the outcome based on the content of his letter. I would imagine there is some embarrassing or damning information about his family in it.

            And you’re right, based on the on camera interviews I did not get a great feeling about his father. I don’t think Macin and his father had a good relationship. It’s unimaginable that taking away Macin’s laptop and cell phone for the night was the straw which broke his back, particularly if he decided he was going to commit suicide the next day. I strongly suspect that his father was abusive to him, if not physically then verbally and emotionally. I really get that sense about him as a person, though granted I am basing that off limited information, and perhaps I’m wrong.

            I don’t know and unless Macin is found alive and tells his story one day (or should he be gone, then the content of his letter is revealed and other family members talk) we may never know.

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  • Rob Mullin

    I find it odd he would just leave over having his electronics taken away.I am curious as to what more that letter found in his wallet had to say. Could it be he was struggling with his sexuality and could not take the scorn within his home anymore? A teenager just doesn’t get up and leave over anime and electronics,there is waaaaay more to this story then the family is letting the public know.This is why I speculate the sexuality thing,considering he lived in the heart of Mormon country.

    • Roger Holzem

      I fully agree! Not trying to tag him as such but he looks gay! Perhaps he found a sugar daddy and is living with him? Something about this is very odd? They never found a body or evidence of him at all? The only other thing could be suicide to make them pay? The electronics being taken from a very depressed man could’ve been the final straw? I’m hoping that’s not the case and he contacts them out of the blue!

      • Glen

        Is there a gay look? Not sure about that. I suppose in some people but you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

        Nevertheless, I’ve suspected that his sexuality could be what he was having issues with, particularly given the family’s religion.

        Certain characteristics of his do suggest a kid who was gay and living in an environment where that was scorned, even if his parents say they would have accepted him regardless. That could very well be the case, but in the mean time his parents and siblings could have been making disparaging remarks about homosexuality or otherwise suggesting that they disapprove of homosexuality and gay rights (as would be the Mormon way). Given the ongoing debate regarding marriage-equality during his formative years, I can imagine A LOT of negative things being said in such an anti-gay environment at home and his church.

        If he internalized those negative views, then I can see that leading to suicide. If he rejected them, then I can see that leading to his running away and refusing contact with his family. Hopefully it’s the latter and he’s alive and well and happy somewhere.

    • Golden

      You must not know many teens. Take away their electronics and you have seriously wounded their psyche. Kids today live and breathe by that stuff.

  • Tara Payne

    It’s not easy being raised Mormon. I speak from experience. It’s even worse in UT.

    • Rob Mullin

      Many Mormon teens run away,especially those struggling with their sexuality.His Mom said on the show Disappeared,that he had tried to take his own life and was sent inpatient at a mental health facility for awhile.I think it is because he was trying to deal with his sexuality in a Mormon family. Moving to Utah wouldn’t change that. His family will not reveal the letter found in his wallet,it a big hush hush scenario.GOODNESS FORBID if their Mormon family wasn’t so perfect after all.Unfrotiantely this is not just in LDS families,it is in any family where parents who are religious zealous would rather their child take off and disappear then to reveal their families “dirty little sinful secret”.His parents are being misleading,they need to come forward and tell the truth.He obviously isn’t in the desert near his home,they search that whole area with a fine tooth comb.

  • John Richard Walsh

    This is a common occurrence with Mormon youth who disappear or end their lives trying to cope with the bizarre Mormon belief system founded by Joseph Smith with 85 wives and extra strict parents who do not let their children breathe. You would be shocked at what percentage of Mormon youth never make it to age 18. LDS religion is an IUD for Mormon youth.

  • John Richard Walsh

    Mason Smith was found by 2 girls in West Valley of Las Vegas recently asking for bus change which indicates he is not working and being kept by someone. He may be staying with a gay guy.

  • John Richard Walsh

    God help any Mormon boy who is found to be gay. Mormons are not very kind to children who are not straight and will not have tons of children.

  • John Richard Walsh

    St George Utah police have jurisdiction of the Mason Smith case.

  • John Richard Walsh

    Correct name is Macin Smith.

  • Josh Adcock

    I don’t know for sure of course but i just have a feeling like the family is not being honest about everything. I feel like they may have known he was struggling with his sexuality but aren’t revealing it because the Mormon church wouldn’t approve. It might not be his sexuality but i have a feeling he revealed something in his letter that he was struggling with and in fear his faith and family would not accept him for it.

  • sue450

    they recently found remains in the desert but they have not been identified yet

  • Chris Kauai Satoshige

    I don’t know how quick we should jump to the “gay” issue. But could be a factor. But why did the mom find the note and not the police? And why did the mom find the wallet and not the police? And why later was music and poems found that Macin wrote and not the police? And I never read anything about any suspects. What about dad? They cover it on the TV Disappeared episode, but the police declined to comment? I understand still an ongoing investigation. But on the outside looking in, seems the police dropped the ball. Maybe it’s just the way it’s being covered. I can only hope others speculation that he wanted to leave are right. But odd, left without anything, and no sign of him in social media, for someone who liked anime and going online.

  • Golden

    Dad out of town a lot, Mom not coming home til the late hours of the night, restrictive parents, adjusting to life in a new city, poor social adjustment – all of that and probably more sounds to me like a kid that doesn’t necessarily want to live in his own skin anymore. Throw in depression, and it’s not difficult for me to see this kid wanting to check out by walking into the desert and never walking out.