In The Mysterious Murder Of Sherese Bingham, The Dogs Have The Answer

Eugene Bingham [WTHR/YouTube (screenshot)]

On December 12, 2012, the body of 51-year-old Sherese Bingham was found in White River State Park in Indiana.

Indiana State Police detectives later determined that Bingham had taken her two beloved German Shepherds for a walk along the canal — where someone shot her to death with her own handgun.

That was over four years ago, and her grieving family and police are still waiting for her killer to be brought to justice.

The dogs were so protective of Sherese, police say, that medics had to call for backup before reaching her body.

Investigators concluded that the person who killed Sherese must have known both her and the dogs — and suicide and accidental discharge were ruled out. One person with whom the dogs did feel comfortable was Sherese’s husband, Eugene Bingham.

Additionally, Sherese’s brother Keith Walker said a friend and an officer told him his sister suspected her husband of cheating. Sherese’s Aunt Deborah McMurray confirms this, and revealed that the couple had seemed to drift apart, and that, in fact, they were sleeping separately, with Eugene staying in the basement.

McMurray recalled a conversation she’d had with Sherese, in which the victim told her, “I’ve been sleeping with the enemy, I don’t even know this man.” Allegedly, Eugene was leading a double life, and had been having an affair for 14 years. Soon after discovering this betrayal, Sherese’s apparently hawked her wedding ring to a pawn shop.

Eugene Bingham [WTHR/YouTube (screenshot)]

Eugene Bingham [WTHR/YouTube (screenshot)]

Officers arrested Sherese’s husband Eugene Bingham, 53, in July of 2014, but prosecutors dropped the charges in August 2015 due to a lack of evidence.The lawyer who represented Eugene has told reporters that he has no comment. Family members would continue to hold suspicions, however, pointing out that Eugene’s behavior had been “odd.” There is also the persistent fact that he would have been able to approach the German Shepherds safely.

Investigative reporter Russ McQuaid also believes that the dogs hold the answer to this case. “These dogs are devoted to her, and for somebody to get close enough to her to shoot her, if she didn’t shoot herself, they would have to know those dogs, those dogs would have to know that person,” he said. “There’s only one other person those dogs know, and that’s Eugene.”

McMurray said there had been other mysterious factors, such as a conversation she had with Sherese in which she claimed that she had been being followed by a “dark blue Blazer.” Also, about three hours before she was murdered, Sherese phoned McMurray, just to tell her that she loved her.

During the investigation, both Eugene and his girlfriend were given polygraph tests. Eugene’s results were “inconclusive,” and his girlfriend failed. But with no additional evidence to show that she was involved in Sherese’s murder, the girlfriend has never been charged.

Police have asked anyone with information on this still unsolved case can contact Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-8477.

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Main photo: Sherese Bingham [WTHR/YouTube (screenshot)]

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