“Sins Of The Father”: Charles Manson’s Grandson Gets Reality-TV Show

Charles Manson, 2014 mug shot [California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation]

Jason Freeman, a California-based oil-rig worker and MMA cage fighter, is set to star in Sins of the Father, a new reality-TV show based on Freeman’s status as the grandson of notorious hippie cult murder madman/mastermind Charles Manson.

Manson himself is reported to also be appearing in the series from behind bars.

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Gil Formats, an Israel-based production company, debuted a teaser video for the program at MIPTV, a global gathering of TV syndicators and distributors in Cannes. In one clip, Freeman asks, “Am I doomed for life? Is there bad blood in me?”

Charles Manson, 2014 mugshot [California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation]

Charles Manson, 2014 mug shot [California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation]

Later on, Freeman is shown coming from jail, where he’s just spoken to his granddad. He says, “No matter what, he is family.”

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Freeman’s own father, Charles Manson, Jr., committed suicide in 1993, shooting himself in the head on a stretch of desolate highway. According to Freeman, “He just couldn’t let it go. He just couldn’t live it down. He couldn’t live down who his father was.”

It is unknown if Manson’s other alleged offspring will be involved in Sins. Among them is Los Angeles musician Matthew Roberts, who believes he is Charles Manson’s son by way of a pregnancy that occurred after a Manson Family orgy.

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A spokeswoman for Gil Formats did indicate, however, that the children of other infamous criminals will appear on the show, and that on some episodes, “they will confront their parents.”

No word yet on when when Sins of the Father might debut. But you can bet Charlie will be watching. Will you?

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Main photo: Charles Manson, 2014 mug shot [California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation]

  • Martha Bartha

    Keep Manson Relevant!

  • cindy

    This is just a way for them to make money. There should be a law against this. These criminally insane psychopaths should not be given any national/world attention because they might influence others to follow in their footsteps and commit these heinous crimes.

    • Angie Grove

      I know Jason personally and that’s bullshit….he is one of the nicest men you will ever meet…and as for following in Mason footsteps…no way…he has raised his children to be good Christian boys who love life and everything about it…he grew up in a small town in ohio where hiding the fact that he was Charles Mason grandson was almost impossible feat…yet here he is at 40 a strong, proud man…God fearing, so don’t judge…

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      • Ali

        I don’t think being Christian has anything to do with a good person. Actions definitely speak louder than words.

    • Aleisha Duncan

      That’s exactly what the show is about, Judging the children for the sins of the fathers. Ur thinking is probably the same reason the jr. Killed himself

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  • Ali

    “Reality” tv has just hit a new very disappointing low.