Smiling Toledo Woman Charged With Raping, Robbing Taxi Driver

Brittany S. Carter [Hancock County Sheriff's Office]

TOLEDO, OH — In a story we reported last week, a Bronx woman got so incensed over her Uber car’s lack of a phone charger that she threatened — on video — to falsely accuse the driver of rape.

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Now a female taxi passenger in Toledo has been arrested for actually raping and robbing her male driver.

Brittany S. Carter [Hancock County Sheriff's Office]

Brittany S. Carter [Hancock County Sheriff’s Office]

Brittany S. Carter, 23, of Findlay, Ohio, is alleged to have forced the cabbie to have some form of sexual intercourse with her while an accomplice held the man at knifepoint.

Upping the weird factor is how Brittany is smiling and almost looks giddy in her mugshot.

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Twenty-year-old Cory L. Jackson, the accused knife-wielder, has been charged with aggravated robbery and complicity to commit rape. He is presently at large, and police are tracking him down.

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Hancock Country Prosecutor Phil Riegle said he is not sure if the car was in motion or parked at the time of the incident.

Carter previously got picked up for two counts of drug abuse in 2016.

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Main photo: Brittany S. Carter [Hancock County Sheriff’s Office]



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