Taiwan Bans Dog and Cat Meat — Along With Walking Pets While You’re Driving

TAIWAN — Reacting to worldwide howls for compassion, Taiwan has become the first nation in Asia to outlaw the preparation, and/or consumption of dog and cat meat.

On a related, and amusingly weird note, the country also made it illegal to walk your dog (or other pets) while you are using a motorized vehicle.

It’s all good news for Fido and Fluffy.

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Previously, Taiwan’s animal-protection legislation targeted anyone who slaughtered dogs and cats for human dining. Now the heat’s on for the actual diners, as well. New penalties include a fine of up to $8,200, plus the violator’s name and photo being publicized online and in the news media.

The fine for pulling an animal on a leash that’s tied to a moving car or motorcycle is $500. Overall, Taiwan upped the penalty for cruelty to animals to two years in jail and a $65,500 fine.

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Kelly O’Meara of the Humane Society International praised the changes, stating:

“Most people in Asian countries do not eat dog and cat, and most find the cruel and often crime-fueled trade appalling. The animal-protection movement is growing rapidly across Asia, and the calls for an end to dog-meat cruelty are getting louder and louder.”

Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen is an outspoken animal lover. She poses frequently with her two cats and, last year, she adopted three retired guide dogs.

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Main photo: Dog and cat [Pixabay]

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