Say Cheese; You’ve Been Arrested For Attempted Murder!

Ronald Goines [Baltimore City Police]

BALTIMORE, MD — Apparently, this Maryland man believes that a big smile can brighten any moment — even if he’s just been accused of attempted murder.

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Baltimore City Police arrested Ronald Goines, 24, on Wednesday. Investigators allege that Goines is the third suspect connected to a double shooting that took place on February 15. The shooting was apparently the result of a robbery that didn’t go as planned.

Goines has been taken into custody and charged with attempted first-degree murder. His arrest follows the arrests of two other suspects tied to the shooting, who are facing assault and gun charges.

Investigators allege, though, that Goines was the shooter — and his grin sparked many angry comments when Baltimore Police posted his mugshot on Facebook.

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The victims were two men, aged 20 and 28. Both suffered from gunshot wounds, and were found at the 1800 Block of N. Smallwood Avenue.

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Main photo: Ronald Goines [Baltimore City Police]

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