Watch: Florida Couple’s Loud Sex Interrupts Tennis Open

Frances Tiafoe/YouTube [Screenshot]

SARASOTA, FL — Call it a “love” game.

On Tuesday, a highly vocal couple within earshot of the Sarasota Open interrupted a tennis match between Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger repeatedly with the volume of their passion.

Sportscaster Mike Cation initially guessed that noises were coming from an “adult video” playing on a spectator’s cell phone.

Eventually, though, he caught on, as did everyone else within the range of the hilariously audible grunts and moans. The stands shook with laughter — and so did the court.

At one point, a clearly amused Frances Tiafoe yelled in the direction of the bliss, “It can’t be that good!”

From the booth, Cation finally concluded, “Well, that isn’t a video. It’s coming from an apartment across the lake. At least somebody’s having a good night!” Later, he saluted the couple on Twitter.

Tiafoe went on to beat Krueger in straight sets, 6-3, 6-2. It was a winning night for all involved — loud and clearly.

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Main photo: Frances Tiafoe/YouTube [Screenshot]



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