Women Who Dated Cancer Casanova Claim He Conned Them All

PALM BEACH, FL — Several women say that they have fallen victim to a serial conman in Palm Beach, Florida, who claims to be a cancer survivor with just weeks to live, and have come forward to warn that his story is bogus.

Ken Boyer, 60, claims to have beaten stage-four liver cancer, the women say. He also dated all of them, and claims to have fallen in love at first sight — with each of them.

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But after a special report aired on WKMG-TV that featured Boyer’s wedding to Michelle Kimbrel, a Missouri woman he “reconnected” with on Facebook a few weeks ago, the women in Boyer’s life reportedly became aware of each others’ existence.

Boyer’s story began to unravel after Barbara Jones, who says she was paying Boyer’s cell-phone bill and had been living with him since 2015, started checking his call records.

Trish Marsee, a hairstylist in Winter Park, was one of the numbers listed — and claims that Boyer told her he loved her during their very first lunch date. She told WKMG-TV that she had noticed “red flags” when he began insistently pushing the relationship. Marsee said that Boyer told her that he had several different illnesses, and says that she ended the relationship after a few dates.

Marsee and other women said that Boyer referred to Jones, who said she met him on a golf course, as the “old landlady” who ran a boarding house. Last week, Jones filed a civil lawsuit against Boyer to recoup $22,000 she had loaned him — and canceled checks and a signed promissory note have been filed as evidence in court.

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Boyer’s romantic interests had several similarities: Most met him online on SingleParentMeet.com, all said that he mentioned cancer — and all said that he used the “love at first sight” line.

Karen Hagerty, a teacher from Winter Haven, called Boyer “a master manipulator and conman.” Cheryl Alvarez of Miami agreed, and said Boyer called her his “Jamaican princess.”

In a text to WKMG-TV, Boyer responded: ”I’m not denying that I know them. I have dated them all, I am not going to play their game. The people that truly know me and truly love me still do, but you haven’t talked to any of them. You are only talking to angry, hateful, jealous women.”

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He reportedly also declined to present any medical evidence that he has been diagnosed or is being treated for liver, lung, or brain cancer.

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