Border Patrol Stops Hearse Near Tombstone, Finds Casket Packed With Pot

TOMBSTONE, AZ — During a routine immigration checkpoint stop last Saturday, Border Patrol agents pulled over a white hearse just outside Tombstone, Arizona. Yup, Tombstone.

Suffice to say, the vehicle was not actually headed to a funeral.

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After noticing “several inconsistencies” and bringing in a drug-sniffing canine unit, agents cracked open a casket in the back of the hearse and discovered 67 pounds of marijuana.

Officers arrested the 28-year-old driver, a U.S. citizen who has not yet been identified, and charged him with narcotics smuggling. The haul’s street value is estimated to be about $33,000.

Several pounds of manure were mixed in with the marijuana, theoretically to disguise the smell and throw off the sniffer dogs. That detail does bring to mind, though, how stoners sometimes refer to particularly potent weed as “really good s—t.”

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While marijuana laws have been changing in recent years, with states such as Colorado and Oregon decriminalizing the drug for recreational use, smuggling any kind of controlled substance over the U.S. border remains entirely illegal.

As this hearse bust proves, it’s a crime the Border Patrol takes seriously — dead seriously.

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Main photo: Pot smuggling hearse and casket [Arizona Customs and Border Protection]


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