Man Who Assaulted Mom With Pork Chop Popped Again — Over Pork Chop

Terry Ball mug shot [Athens-Clarke County Police Department]

ATHENS, GA — Back in February, police arrested Athens resident Terry Ball, 29, for throwing a pork chop at his 60-year-old mother. He also allegedly pushed her and head-butted her, all in anger over mom’s failure to buy him cigarettes.

Following the meaty dust-up, Ball pleaded guilty to simple battery and agreed to stay away from his parents’ house.

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Alas, this past Wednesday, Ball violated his bond by dropping in on mom. Once there, he exploded into a violent fit because someone supposedly ate his pork chop. Responding patrolmen reported that Ball was highly belligerent, and had apparently tossed pots and pans all over the house.

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One officer said that Ball was babbling somewhat nonsensically, but that the suspect made it clear he was upset that “they ate his pork chop and now he has to eat noodles.”

Authorities arrested Ball and charged him with violating a family court order.

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Main photo: Terry Ball mug shot [Athens-Clarke County Police Department]



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