“Serial Street Shooter” Arrested After String Of 9 Murders In Phoenix

Sketch of serial shooter (left) and Aaron Juan Saucedo's mugshot (right) [Maricopa County Sheriff's Office]

PHOENIX, AZ — A man was arrested Monday in connection with a string of serial killings that terrified a largely Latino neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona, last year.

Police Chief Jeri Williams said 23-year-old Aaron Juan Saucedo, who was nicknamed the “Serial Street Shooter,” has been linked to nine murders and 12 shooting incidents between August 2015 and July 2016. Saucedo was booked on 26 felony counts, including homicide, assault, and drive-by shooting.

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Police say the shooter stalked victims after dark and picked people who were either outside their homes or sitting in cars before opening fire with a handgun.

Tips from the community reportedly led to the arrest, which was a major breakthrough in a case that had appeared to be stalled for several months.

Saucedo was arrested last month in connection with the August 2015 fatal shooting of a man who had a relationship with his mother, 61-year-old Raul Romero. Authorities were later able to connect him with the other shootings.

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Four months after Romero’s killing, on New Year’s Day 2016, authorities say Saucedo killed 22-year-old Jesse Olivas. Saucedo then reportedly embarked on a killing spree from March of last year through July, police said. Nine victims were killed, and, except for the first one, all were random.

We hope that our community will rest a little easier, and that our officers will get a little more sleep knowing that the wheels of justice are finally in motion,” Williams said.

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Police said that they do not believe that Saucedo is connected to the series of 2015 freeway shootings on 1-10 in Phoenix that terrified drivers.

Police have not yet revealed a motive for the killings. The investigation continues.

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Main image: Sketch of serial shooter (left) and Aaron Juan Saucedo’s mugshot (right) [Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office]



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