What Happened To Zachary Bernhardt? 8-Year Old Vanished Without A Trace

CLEARWATER, FL — Sometime during the early morning hours of September 11, 2000, eight-year-old third grader Zachary Bernhardt disappeared from his Clearwater, Florida, home in the dead of night.

His mother, Leah Hackett, told investigators that Zachary went to sleep in her bed at around 11 P.M. She said that she went outside for a walk around the Savannah Trace apartment complex, and then a quick swim, sometime between 3 and 4 A.M. After she returned to the apartment and took a shower, she realized that her son was missing — and called police at 4:47 A.M.

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There were no signs of a struggle, and no evidence of a break-in. Zachary, whose story is told in a new episode of Investigation Discovery’sDisappeared,” had vanished without a trace.

Police took DNA evidence, secured the crime scene, and launched a massive grid search of the area around the apartment on Drew Street.

Specialized dogs were used during the search, but found no trace of Zachary leading out of the apartment [Investigation Discovery]

Over the years, investigators have interviewed thousands of people and followed endless tips — but no trace of Zachary has ever been found.

Detectives said that the circumstances of Zachary’s disappearance were “unusual.” They questioned Leah’s decision to leave the apartment at that time of night and go for a swim — without a towel — leaving the door unlocked.

Police began to ask more and more questions about Leah, and so did the local media. Following reports that neighbors had stated Leah’s car was moved on the night Zachary disappeared, during the time she claimed she had been home, investigators told reporters in September that they did not believe that Leah had told them the whole story.

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As a single mother, Leah often struggled to make ends meet, and she and her son had reportedly moved 11 times in 14 years. On at least on occasion, Zachary witnessed an acquaintance of his mother’s attack her. Reports say that Leah and Zachary were facing eviction at the time of his disappearance.

Savannah Trace apartments where Leah and Zachary lived [Investigation Discovery]

Despite the family problems, Zach was a bright student, and he excelled in school. Neighbors and school officials described him as being mild-mannered and smart.

And Leah’s family insists that, despite her personal problems, she was a great mom who adored her son. “They loved each other a lot. They spent a lot of time together. They had a very tight bond,” Billie-Jo Jiminez, Zachary’s aunt, told Investigation Discovery.

Leah revealed the identity of Zachary’s father to investigators. When they questioned him, he appeared to be unaware that he had fathered a child with Leah — and police were able to rule him out as a suspect since he had been nowhere near the state of Florida on the night Zachary disappeared.

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Photo of Zachary Berhardt [Investigation Discovery]

Police appeared to get a break in the case in 2001 when an informant notified police that a man named Kevin Jalbert, who resided near Zach’s apartment complex, had been bragging about being a child murderer and in search of a new victim.

The police had an undercover cop track Jalbert’s movements, and Jalbert bragged to the cop that he had abducted and raped over 1,000 children and claimed to have killed five of them. Jalbert pointed directly to Zach’s apartment complex during a drive and said he had kidnapped a child from there.

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But police later claimed that Jalbert pointed to the wrong apartment unit. Also, Jalbert said the child he had abducted was wearing Mickey Mouse underwear and Scooby Doo pajamas, while Zach had been wearing boxer shorts at the time of his disappearance. And finally, Jalbert’s DNA did not match the evidence found at the scene.

When questioned by police, Jalbert denied having abducted Zach. Police did find a receipt indicating that Jalbert dropped waste at a landfill two weeks after Zachary’s disappearance, but scoured the landfill and found no trace of Zachary.

Investigators could not conclusively link Jalbert to Zachary’s disappearance — but they did find child pornography at his home. He is currently behind bars serving a 40-year sentence for his crimes.

In August of 2001, a photograph was found outside of Boulder, Colorado, in the parking lot of a sporting goods store. The photograph showed a young boy who appeared to be tied up in a wooded area, and was sent to police departments around the country. Investigators said that the boy had similar features to Zachary, and brought in his grandmother and aunt to look at pictures. The family, however, did not believe the picture was Zachary.

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On New Year’s Eve in 2001, another five-year-old child went missing from the Savannah Trace apartment complex. Ten hours after the abduction, a motorist found the child alive in a dumpster, and the boy was reunited with his family. Due to his age, the details of his ordeal were not disclosed. He said that a white man with stringy hair had taken him. Detectives looked for a link between the two cases, but could not find a connection.

Around 797,500 reports are taken each year of missing children, but most turn out to be runaways or custodial abductions. Cases like Zach’s, where children vanish into thin air and no trace of them are ever found, are actually fairly rare.

Zachary’s mother, Leah Hackett, moved to Hawaii, and at some point, detectives say, decided to stop participating in the investigation. Investigators and other member’s of Zach’s family are still searching for answers, though, and making T-shirts and poster boards that show age-progressed photos of what he may look like today.

Anyone with information can call the Clearwater Police Department at (727) 562-4420 or remain anonymous and text a tip to 847411. Tips can also be made through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1 (800) 843-5678.

If you are in search of a missing person, make sure to enter their information into the database of the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

To learn more about the case, watch Investigation Discovery’s “About a Boy” episode of Disappeared on ID GO.

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Main photo: Zachary Berhardt and an age-progressed photo of what he might look like at 23 years old (right) [National Center For Missing And Exploited Children]

  • NYSmike

    Hmmm? Unusual mother to say the least.

    • Sandi McCarthy

      I just can’t get past the mom having more knowledge about his disappearence than she’s letting on. My gut says she’s involved.

      • Binda

        I agree. If my son was missing, I sure wouldn’t move away, then stop participating with the investigation. Who would do that, unless she knows what happened to him.

  • sillygirlloves

    I love how they say they found no connection between the two abductions?? How about the connection being they lived in the same apartment complex?? Is that not enough?? The five years old was found safe, but he was still taken!

  • Erika Mullis Knowlton

    It’s just too odd that the mother went swimming in her clothes. Who leaves their 8 year old in a home alone, unlocked much less, to go jump in a pool fully clothed. Also, neighbors saw her car leave the apartment complex at the time he disappeared. I think she did it because of financial reasons.

    • Insaneindamembwane

      Yeah. Could be she was overwhelmed and wanted to hang out at the bar more than she already was. Nothing like dumping your kids for a few extra Budweiser’s. Very telling where her mind was. Too busy in the chatroom.

    • Ashymay Bear

      Meth… not even once

  • cielodrive

    Mommy is lying.

  • Maggie

    I think the mother is involved.

  • Loyalpawn

    Moved 11 times in 14 years? I thought Zachary was 8 when he went missing?

    • sue450

      sounds like the mom moved several times in the years before he was born, the article could have worded it better

    • Stacy Indigo

      Maybe before he was born??

  • Kay Williamson

    stop blaming the mom, Neighbors know 100% her car moved??? I’ve ran to the store in the summer to get soda’s for 5 min, I would bet that its someone that lives really close to the apartments.

    • Wolfie63

      How many kids have you murdered?

    • Rayca

      But Kay, what pedophile just happens by at just the right time? The mother’s behavior and story is just too suspicious. There is much more to suspect the mom than a stranger abduction and absolutely no forensics, pointing even more to her.

    • Michelle Greco

      The video of investigation discovery said stated that she had used her car to take the trash to the trash bins within the apartment complex.
      I doubt she killed her only child and they had a close relationship.
      I can’t understand why all these people are finding fault with her. They don’t even know her. Who has never done something ought of the ordinary throw the first stone. I can understand her wanting to refresh herself with a quick swim and who would think somebody would enter her apartment in that short time frame and steal her sleeping child. I guess devils are lurking everywhere but what kind of life is it if you have to be constantly on guard and scarred to do anything without worrying about them destroying your live?

      • Ashymay Bear

        Refresh herself? By taking a swim in her clothes with no towel at 3 or 4am?? Uh no

    • Ashymay Bear

      You dont leave ur young child in an unlocked apartment at 3 or 4am while you go for a swim in your clothes, with no towel. Also move away and stop helping the investigation at about a year since the incident.

  • Yesenia Velazquez

    She is definitely involved. How do you stop searching for your child or even give up hope? I understand trying to do your best to move on in some sort of way, but you stop cooperating with cops?? Seems a little fishy to me

  • Insaneindamembwane

    The mom is a dope. Leaves the poor boy alone sleeping in their apartment while she swims? Ok. Of course she was too busy in the chatroom to make sure he is safe and sound. Where do these people come from? The sister says her Zachary’s mom’s child skills are “top notch”. Not.

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  • Joe Read

    After watching the program and really studying this, it’s my belief that the mother has something to do with this.. Several reasons.. During her 911 call, she blurts out that Zach was a well behaved child.. I don’t understand why she had to say that at that time.. She also said, it’s my fault.. Sure, she could say that for leaving the door open but still odd.. I know for one, I would’ve never done that.. Police dogs couldn’t find a scent to follow.. What that means to me was that he didn’t leave the apartment alive.. Even carried out alive, a dog would’ve noticed a scent.. The fact that she moved out of town and has no more participation in this investigation is baffling.. I would never stop searching for my son.. Almost like she knows and doesn’t want him found because if he was, evidence would point to her.. Guilty conscience per say and it’s easier to turn away and try to forget.. Move to another state etc.. Just appears to to me that she turned away because she knows and doesn’t want the truth to come out because again, I would never stop searching for him no matter what.. Any video surveillance of the parking lot that night to see if her car had moved? Not to mention, if I take a dip in the pool at 4 am with my son sleeping alone with the door unlocked, I would’ve surely checked on him first before showering.. It just stinks all the way around.. No disrespect to the family who continues to hold hope but her story has too many holes and shows obvious deception.. In my opinion, the mother is guilty here.. Incompetent parenting for someone who loved their child that much and to me, much to convenient to hide the obvious.. My heart goes out to that poor boy and his loving family.. His mother should be held accountable.. Did she agree to a lie detector? Was she asked? Just makes no sense.. Only thing that does is, SHE KNOWS and may God have mercy on her soul

    • TheTruth

      The K-9’s would pick up his scent either way alive or had he been killed in the apartment.

  • WIltonguy45

    The mother is the perp. The story just does not hold water. My theory is she took the boy, still alive, and sold him or she killed him someplace and hid the body. The boy was probably dead before she called police. They need to continue focusing on her.

    • amanda

      Probably to someone in her chat rooms. Really sad that this boy won’t ever get justice.

  • Daniel Olsson

    The same as many other I think the mother killed him, I think she snapped after being single parent not having that much money, That is not a accusse. But its reason people can be stressed. The most odd thing after a year or less she moves away and don’t want to help finding her son any more, if you wasd a single parent tyhat don’t knew why he disappeared, who does that? if you love your son most people keep some kind of hope untill there family member is found. They don’t give up after used a year by nothing concrete saying his either dead or alive.
    That some of her family members even think she killed him says alot. She could for ball we knew have laid his body in the dumpster and driven it somebody else. I don’t believe for a moment that she was swimming in the pool in the middle of the night alone with clothes on. If you dissed to go to the pool you put on a swimsuit and when it in the middle of the night you probably not gonna jump in with your clothes. Even when she came back she said i went straight to the shower. If this was my son under 10 years old that had been alone after I was out I should have checked in on him directly when I come back.

    • Abanda

      I agree. And I think she dumped the body. Then took a swim fully dressed so the chlorine cleaned her clothes. Then showered and called the police.

  • Karla

    What strange is the boy lived there for awhile…so why coudnt the dogs pick up scent

  • Abanda


  • Linda Lieber

    I have no doubt that that Leah Hackett, the boy’s mother, killed him. She chose to stop cooperating with the investigation within months of Zachary’s “disappearance”. I know of no parent who would give up looking for their child, and then move over 3000 miles away. Maybe Leah Hackett and Casey Anthony are related? They both should be on death row nonetheless.

  • mishy

    I pray for Zachary,but I will tell you this,I also pray that his so called mother burns in HELL..I pray everyday she suffers…I really do!!!!!!!

  • BishPleeze

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the mother sold him to a pedophile. I know it’s an awful thing to say, but it happens.

  • concernedmom

    What mother in her right mind EVER ‘decides not to participate’ in the search for her missing child??!!! I call foul. She knows what happened! I think she may have left the child alone, since the neighbors so her car coming in and going out about that time, and either she knows who took him, she sold him, or she was involved in his death.

  • cherry luva

    What’s the dead ringer for me is, why did she move to hawaii? Wouldn’t you want to stay where your child may be? Wouldn’t you want to search for him endlessly? Never give up?

  • Ashymay Bear

    What was the mom smoking that she said i wanna go for a walk (to pick up drugs?) and go for a swim… in clothes… with no towel… at 3/4am??? Then says nope when investigators ask her questions. I get its been 16 years, but why would you not want to help in anyway to find your son? Should’ve given her a lie detector. She may not have killed him, but she helped get rid of him.