Photo Of Hot Cop Who Rescued Woman From Florida River Goes Viral

Sgt. Billy Irvin [Jacksonville Police Department]

JACKSONVILLE, FL — A handsome cop whose photo went viral after he jumped into the river to rescue a victim has women in Jacksonville, Florida, hot under the collar.

The department posted on Facebook that numerous citizens came up to Sergeant Billy Irvin to shake his hand and thank him for his heroic efforts after he selflessly jumped in the water — but some female citizens have expressed interests in the Sergeant’s other body parts.

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The post with Irvin’s photo has been liked over 21,000 times on the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

The story has caused such a sensation that the department issued a public service announcement warning women that there are “much safer options to meet a great guy” than jumping in the river.

The incident started on Tuesday at 12:47 P.M. when someone called the police department stating that they believed they saw a body floating in the St. Johns River south of Main Street.

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A group of three construction workers from Superior Construction who were working nearby saw what was going on and assisted Sergeant Irvin in recovering the victim from the water onto their boat. Thankfully, the person rescued from the water was still alive.

As Irvin got off the boat, a photo was taken, and the police department stated that he “is a hero to all of us” after going above and beyond the call of duty in risking his life to save someone else.

PSA: We can’t believe it’s come to this. We’ve had so many offers to have Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Sgt Irvin rescue women from the St John’s river that we’d like to remind you all of the following:
A. Sgt Irvin works shift work (and we’re not telling you which shift) so there’s no guarantee that he’ll be on duty.
B. You don’t get to pick which hero comes to your rescue but all of our officers are available to come to any citizen’s aid 24/7.
C. Jumping in the SJR is dangerous and there are much safer options to meet a great guy.
D. There’s nothing our officers won’t do, WITHIN POLICY, to help any of our citizens have a safe and awesome day!
Please have a safe, happy, and DRY weekend!

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Main photo: Sgt. Billy Irvin [Jacksonville Police Department]