David Spade Robbed Of $80,000 In Latest Home Invasion That Has Hollywood On Edge

David Spade [Wikimedia Commons]

BEVERLY HILLS, CA — David Spade has been hit by burglars who busted into his Beverly Hills home and walked out with his safe.

Beverly Hills Police responded to a report at Spade’s house. Suspects reportedly got into Spade’s home late last week and made off with around $80,000 worth of valuables. Among the stolen items is a safe filled with cash and jewelry — including a wedding band that belonged to David’s mom.

According to TMZ, Spade had a security system, but the suspects managed to disable it.

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Spade is just the latest in a list of celebrities to be recently hit by burglars. Others include Drake, Emmy Rossum, Alanis Morissette, Scott Disick, and Nicki Minaj.

The rash of recent celebrity home invasions has prompted many media outlets to ask if it’s possible that a group of criminals similar to the “Bling Ring,” the teens who targeted A-listers in 2009, could be back?

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Lt. Todd Hankel of the San Fernando Valley Knock Knock Task Force said: “It’s usually a lone individual trying to service their addiction. This is different. This is organized crime.”

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Hankel did add, however, that this series of crimes does not appear to be Bling Ring 2.0.

He pointed out that many non-famous people have also been targeted in the latest wave of break-ins. Still, Hankel warned celebrities that broadcasting their homes’ locations on Instagram could make them easier targets.

The latest crimes do appear to have some similarities. In many of the cases, the homeowners were out of town, their security systems were somehow disabled or down, and safes were stolen.

The investigation continues.

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