Female “Bride Of Chucky” Serial Killer Got Sexual Pleasure From Stabbing Her Victims

Elena Lobacheva arrest photo [Mas Allá del Terrór/screenshot]

After a trial that featured descriptions of scenes that could have come from a horror movie, a court in Russia has convicted a female serial killer who admitted she felt “sexual pleasure” from repeatedly stabbing dying victims.

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Elena Lobacheva's "Bride of Chucky" tattoo [police arrest photo]

Elena Lobacheva’s “Bride of Chucky” tattoo [police arrest photo]

Elena Lobacheva, 26, was the sole woman in a murderous gang that targeted the homeless, and admitted that she was inspired by the movie Bride of Chucky, a horror movie about a plastic doll who is possessed by a serial killer. In fact, Lobacheva sported a tattoo of “Tiffany,” Chucky’s bride.

The killer gang, who murdered 15 people, saw themselves as ‘”street cleaners” who were fighting the cause of clearing Moscow of vagrants and drunks.

They struck under the cover of darkness — usually between 1 A.M. and 4 A.M. — and found their victims in deserted areas away from surveillance cameras.

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She reportedly told police that she got sexual pleasure from stabbing and killing her victims.

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The gang’s vicious violent attacks were the definition of “overkill.” One victim killed by her and two male accomplices was knifed 171 times, while others were repeatedly struck with hammers, the court was told.

The gang also admitted to being inspired by serial killer Alexander Pichushkin, the “Chessboard Killer,” who was convicted of murdering 49 people in Moscow.

Lobacheva confessed to being involved in seven of the murders, and her accomplice Pavel Voitov, 22, said he took part in 14 of the killings. Gang member Maksim Pavlov, 21, said he was involved in four murders of homeless people — and others convicted included Vladislav Karatayev, 22, and Artur Nartsissov, 24.

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The group kept in contact using nicknames via (now banned) social-media groups with names like “Time to Hate,” according to Russian media reports. There they posted messages including: “Everything happens for the first time, like first love, first kiss, first sex, first kill” and “I am not killing, I am cleaning up the world.”

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Main photo: Elena Lobacheva arrest photo [Mas Allá del Terrór/screenshot]


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