“I Dated A Serial Killer”: Woman Shocked To Discover She Hooked Up With Nurse Accused Of Killing 8 Patients

Elizabeth Wettlaufer [The National / YouTube (screenshot)]

SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA — A Canadian woman has revealed her shock after discovering that she dated serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer.

Sheila Andrews, who lives in Saskatchewan, said she had a brief relationship with Wettlaufer and thought that she was a bit off, but said, “I didn’t know she was that far off.”

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Andrews, 50, said she met the 49-year-old former Ontario nurse, who pleaded guilty Thursday to killing eight seniors in her care, through an online dating site in 2009. Andrews said it was “very frightening” when she saw Wettlaufer’s face on the news after she was charged in 2016. She said, “I actually texted my best friend and I said, ‘I think I dated a serial killer!'”

Andrews said that she and Wettlaufer struck up a friendship and realized that they had a lot in common after Andrews revealed that she was caring for her elderly mother.

Andrews said Wettlaufer was “an awesome person to talk to online,” and they decided to meet.

So Wettlaufer flew to Saskatoon to meet Andres in June 2009, where the couple spent the night in a motel before driving to Andrews’ home. Andrews said that she was surprised when Wettlaufer immediately made declarations of love, so she backed off from physical intimacy — which she believed made Wettlaufer bitter.

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By this point, Wettlaufer had already committed at least two murders.

They spent a week together, and, though Andrews said they went out for meals, she said that Wettlaufer was somewhat antisocial and did not meet any of her friends. She also noted that when they went to visit Andrews’ mother, Wettlaufer’s behavior grew bizarre: She told Andrews afterward that she would not go back to the hospital again. Considering Wettlaufer’s profession caring for seniors, Andrews found that surprising.

From 2007 until last year, when she voluntarily confessed to her crimes, Wettlaufer operated as Canada’s most prolific female serial killer. She gave fatal insulin overdoses to patients at different care centers, with most of her victims coming from Woodstock’s Caressant Care.

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Wettlaufer’s lawyers claimed the killings were the result of her anger with her career and personal life — and that she believed she was an instrument of God. In transcripts from her confession published by the National Post, Wettlaufer explained that her troubles began after she became addicted to hydromorph, a type of painkiller. She began swapping some of her patients’ hydromorph medications with laxatives, and taking their medication.

In September 2007, she overdosed patient Clotilda Adriano, but said she didn’t mean to kill her. “I didn’t really want her to die. I just, I don’t know, I was just angry and had this sense inside me that she might be a person that God wanted back with him,” she said.

Of victim Helen Matheson, Wettlaufer remembered that she had mentioned how much she loved blueberry pie and ice cream. So Wettlaufer got some for her from Walmart on her break. Later that night, after letting her enjoy her favorite dessert, Wettlaufer admitted, “And then that night I overdosed her.”

You can read Elizabeth Wettlaufer’s handwritten confession here.

Andrews said she has gone over her short time with Wettlaufer many times trying to pinpoint any hints or clues she may have missed, and said she is thankful she survived.

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