“I Truly Enjoy The Hunt”: Real Estate Rapist Kept Detailed Diary With Hundreds Of Agents’ Addresses

Frank Yeager [Courtesy photo]

BUCKS COUNTY, PA — A Pennsylvania man who kept a detailed diary of rape fantasies and hundreds of real estate agents’ addresses on file before attempting to lure his victim to an empty house to attack her will not get a chance at a new prison sentence.

Frank Yeager was sentenced to the maximum 10 to 20 years in state prison for an attempted rape that took place in November 2012.

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Prosecutors said that Yeager’s diary and computer searches showed a man obsessed with targeting and raping a Realtor. Pennsylvania State Police say that Yeager spent months accumulating a list of more than 200 names of realtors. He found out their home and business addresses, cyberstalked their Facebook pages, and discovered which churches and schools they attended.

When he set his sights on his intended victim, Yeager allegedly spent five months figuring out her schedule before he made his move.

On November 25, 2012, Yeager closed the drapes, turned off the lights, and lured his intended victim to a secluded model house in Upper Macungie Township. When she initially resisted meeting him at the model home due to his strange behavior, Yeager tried luring her with the claim that there had been a water leak at the house. But Yeager later fled when his plan was foiled by of the victim’s male coworkers appearing on the scene.

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Police say the defendant’s diary explained that he planned to rape a woman, possibly kill others, and then commit suicide. They found items including rope, chains, guns, a ski mask, duct tape, and other creepy items in his trunk.

Yeager’s diary entry for that day read:

“I have been planning and wanted this my whole life … the help I need is too great and I would rather die. I truly enjoy the hunt and cannot wait for my prize.”

In his appeal, Yeager claimed he had an ineffective lawyer who did not challenge the legality of his confession to police. Yeager believed that if the confession had been thrown out, the remaining evidence would have been insufficient for a conviction.

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But in the opinion, the court noted that ultimately it was Yeager’s decision to plead guilty, and ruled against him.

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Main photo: Frank Yeager [Courtesy photo]

  • Martha Bartha

    What a freak!

    • Definitely would be terrified seeing that in a dark room.. She must of been some scared, but then again, she already knew what he looked like..

      • Martha Bartha

        Stay away from the freaky deakys!😱

  • Sandy Gibbs

    This guy looks like something is physically wrong with him. A brain tumor? parts of his head are too big and parts too small.

    • Bonnie Warfield

      That’s very true. Kinda reminds me of my ex. He had a big head with a small face and big bulging eyes. On top of that, he was a proud alcoholic, con-artist and narcissist. I didn’t realize until after we were married what he really was. I think he had committed many crimes, but wasn’t caught.

      • Ruby_Ellen London

        Why would u choose to be with that person not to mention marry him. Did you find him attractive? Though he sounds gross.

        • Bonnie Warfield

          Well, he pretended to be nice until we were married. On the surface he appeared to be accomplished and responsible. He hid his true self very well. I wasn’t attracted to him for looks. I thought we could work well together. I had never been attracted to the good type in the past, so I decided to try to break my pattern. I learned that lesson the hard way. Now I don’t want anyone. Rather be alone.

        • MAXSGRAMA

          Personality can sometimes outweigh physical looks. Not in this case obviously. This guy was certifiable.

  • Disgusted

    This guy OBVIOUSLY has some issues. Like congenital issues that probably effect him mentally.

    • Mit

      Ya think? (((( 0 [

    • Captain Sarcasm

      Then his counsel should have plead insane, instead of guilty.

      Also, “OBVIOUSLY?” It is not obvious. You cannot diagnose somebody’s mental condition by looking at a picture on the internet. That is ableist af, dude.

      If the issues were OBVIOUS, then you would know what they are, and “not like cogenital issues or something that probably . . . “

      • Disgusted

        Yes, his facial structure and deformities indicate there is some sort of genetic/chromosomal mutation, like Treacher Collins, or something of the like. Not in all cases does that directly cause mental illness, however, in life (socially) having a deformity this severe causes people to be mean and cruel causing the individual to become violent, sociopathic, etc.

        So since you are so smart, what are your opinions on his deformities and mental health?

  • Rita G

    What a f&$@ing FREAK in more ways than one.

  • Francisco Scaramanga

    If I had seen such a disgusting crazy scary face, all things would be clear to me. i would know that he wants to rob or to kill

  • Carisa Parrish Whitaker

    He looks like one of the guys on “The Hills Have Eyes”.

  • Zaida Gee

    His nose looks like a rosted chicken

    • Lesa Beeler


    • T. Red

      Oh my gosh, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, tears are still rolling down my face, ha, ha, ha!

  • Kailee Russell

    Looks like he may have fetal alcohol syndrom and well as some other congenital issues goung on…Like maybe his parents were siblings.


      That was my thought.

  • c29

    I’m a little appalled at comments on his looks. If someone else had birth defect or otherwise looked similar, and was not guilty of crime would you still make fun or their looks? If so, that’s horrible. Sure its possible he had some mental health issues, but some of these comments seem to go further into the category of bullying. Imagine someone who has similar physical issues reading this.

    • Shelley Hoppe-Meyer

      I agree with you. He may be horrible what he did, and not defending him, but what he did is part of a mental problem. By the looks if his birth deformations , his mental could be an onset of that. Being cruel to someone on their birth defects is heartless. Regardless of what or why. Focus on crime, not appearance.


        Yeah, you are wrong. His visage reflect’s the evil within.


      If someone had a birth defect or was injured BUT was a kind loving thoughtful person who was doing good in the world no one would think twice about his looks. This mans face truly reflects the evil in his heart. Not learning disabled if he can plot and plan such detail and have the patience to wait, watch and have alternate scenario’s like the water leak when she didn’t want to meet him. This man was not impaired just EVIL.

  • Ruby_Ellen London

    Possibly fetal alcohol syndrome and dropped often on his head and face from day one until he was to huge to lift.

  • Ruby_Ellen London

    But his plans showed such strategic planning we have to question if he was mentally impaired at all of just ugly and evil


      Just ugly and evil.

  • Dave

    Rape? But he’s such a handsome devil. Lol.

  • Don’t procreate with relatives

  • hubbabubbler

    Dueling banjos echoing throughout the Bayou

    • Jamie

      Bahahahaha…your killing me!!!!!

  • Jacque Holliday

    It seems that everyone is focused on this man’s appearance and not the crime that he committed. There is a possibility that he turned to this way of life because he was bullied about his appearance throughout his life. I am not giving him a ticket to be a rapist. What he did was truly a crime for which he must pay. What I am saying is that there is a lot of mean adult bullying in these comments.

    My concern with many men who are imprisoned for such a crime is that they are not rehabilitated while in prison. In 10 to 20 years, he will be released back into society to perform the same criminal acts.

    I have often wondered what results there would be if prisons were in the business of punishing people for crimes they commit, but also rehabilitating them before they are released back into society. For some, there is no hope, but what if 30% could be helped? What a different world that would be! ~~ This is just my own personal opinion, and I am not asking for approval on my thoughts because we each have our own different thought patterns.


    BAHAHAHAHAH Totally ignorant.