Police Dig Up Beach Looking For Victims Of 1980s Pedophile Serial Killer Couple

Investigators digging on Blythedale Beach [TimesLIVE / YouTube (screenshot)]

KWADUKUZA, SOUTH AFRICA — Police investigators in South Africa began digging on a beach that they believe may have been a burial site used by notorious pedophile serial killer Gert van Rooyen in the 1980s. Van Rooyen and his girlfriend Joey Haarhoff were accused of a spree of child kidnappings over 30 years ago.

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Police forensic services have moved tons of sand from above a subterranean storm water drain on Blythedale Beach in KwaDukuza‚ north of Durban.

The killer couple is thought to have abducted, sexually assaulted, and murdered at least six young girls between 1988 and 1989. In early 1990, the couple was facing arrest after one of their victims escaped — so Van Rooyen killed Haarhoff and then committed suicide. Due to their deaths, the two were never formally convicted.

The bodies of their victims were never found. However a mountain of evidence was later discovered that linked them to the missing girls, including a piece of paper with one of the victim’s home address and phone number written on it and the girl’s class badge and yellow bag found hidden under a carpet.

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The home address and keys of another victim, Anne-Mari Wapenaar, were also found in van Rooyen’s home.

During the latest dig, an excavator was brought in, but hit a concrete slab. A K-9 unit was also brought in, but nothing has been found so far. The search continues.

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Main photo: Investigators digging on Blythedale Beach [TimesLIVE / YouTube (screenshot)]

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