Serial Killer Who Mutilated His Own Penis To Look Like A Snake Is Sentenced To Death

Nikko Jenkins [Nebraska State Penitentiary]

OMAHA, NE — A serial killer who killed four people and cut off his own penis to look like a snake has been handed the death penalty.

Nikko Jenkins, 30, was sentenced to death on May 31 for killing four people in Omaha, Nebraska, in 2013.

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Known for having a flair for the dramatic, Jenkins needed 27 stitches after he hacked at his own penis as a tribute to an Egyptian god. He’s also bifurcated his tongue to look like a snake’s, and attempted to carve 666 backward on his head. According to, his attempt resembled upside-down “9s” more than sixes, as he did the carving in a mirror. Jenkins reportedly manages to continually gain access to razor blades in prison, and continues to cut himself, one time managing to carve “Satan” into his face.

Jenkins has been described as one of the state’s worst serial killers. He shot to death Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge Cajiga-Ruizon on August 11, 2013, with a sawed-off shotgun. The shooting occurred just 11 days after Jenkins was released from prison, where he had served 10 years for carjacking.

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Eight days later, he allegedly killed former friend Curtis Bradford. Jenkins reportedly suggested that Bradford, Jenkins, and Jenkins’ sister Erica commit a robbery — but Jenkins and Erica both shot Bradford in the back of the head instead.

Two days later, he struck again: This time, the victim was Andrea Kruger, who he shot four times when she pulled up in her SUV.

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A defense psychiatrist said that Jenkins suffers from schizophrenia, as well as a bipolar disorder, but the defendant was deemed competent enough to stand trial.

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Main photo: Nikko Jenkins [Nebraska State Penitentiary]

  • Tinman0670

    Not like they execute anyone in Nebraska.

  • Sherri Willis

    Trash like him needs to be executed. There’s no reforming whatever that is.

  • Thomas Jesse

    Bath salts or something

  • Martha Bartha

    Don’t ya just love the tattoo’s!

  • Kristi Burke

    Honestly…when you people read this do you not have questions? What happened to this person growing up that makes him insane. Because he is insane. Was he born insane? Was he molested, starved, beaten, left by parents to make him be insane? His pain is certainly obvious. Yes..he should get the death penalty. Actions have consequences. But does anyone ever wonder why someone would do this….because I do.