UPDATE: Suspect Confessed To Killing All 4 Pennsylvania Missing Men, Burning Bodies

Jimi Tar Patrick,Tom Meo, Dean Finocchiaro, and Mark Sturgis [Bucks County Sheriff's Office]

UPDATE (July 14, 2017):

Cosmo DiNardo, the suspect who confessed to murdering four young men in Pennsylvania, said he killed the victims and burned their bodies at the family farm after selling them marijuana, according to a police source.

A source told the Associated Press that DiNardo, 20, had felt cheated during drug transactions with each of the victims. He reportedly murdered them separately, and may have had a coconspirator. In fact, a second person of interest has been arrested, but no charges have been filed yet.

DiNardo, who suffers from schizophrenia, confessed Thursday in court to murdering the victims. They were Mark Sturgis, 22, Tom Meo, 21, Jimi Tar Patrick, 19, and Dean Finocchiaro, 19.

He pled guilty to four first-degree murder counts, in exchange for life behind bars.

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NEW HOPE, PA — The body of one of four young men who mysteriously went missing in rural Pennsylvania last week has been found in a 12-foot deep concrete pit that also contained other human remains.

The body, which was discovered Wednesday on a sprawling property in suburban Philadelphia owned by Antonio and Sandra Dinardo, was identified as 19-year-old Dean Finocchiaro, according to Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub. Police say that they are working to identify other human remains found inside the mass grave. “This is a homicide, make no mistake about it,” Weintraub said. “We just don’t know how many homicides.”

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The son of the property owners, Cosmo Dinardo, 20, was arrested Wednesday and accused of stealing and attempting to sell the vehicle of Thomas Meo, another of the missing men. He also had an outstanding unrelated charge for possession of a firearm. Dinardo was not supposed to have a gun, as he is schizophrenic and has been involuntarily committed for inpatient care in the past.

Meo’s 1996 Nissan Maxima, with the title inside, was found Sunday on a nearby property also owned by the Dinardos, Weintraub said in a news release. Investigators found Meo’s insulin kit for treatment of his diabetes in the vehicle, which he reportedly never went anywhere without.

Along with Finocchiaro and Meo, the other two missing men are Jimi Tar Patrick, 19, and Mark Sturgis, 22. Patrick was last seen July 5. The others went missing on July 7.

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Cadaver dogs led authorities to discover the grave Wednesday. Weintraub said, “I don’t understand the science behind it, but these dogs could smell these four boys 12 ½ feet below the ground.” Local police, state police, and the FBI are working together, and investigators have battled extreme heat and grueling conditions to excavate remains from the pit.

Police say Cosmo DiNardo, is the sole person of interest in the disappearance of the four young men. His bail was set at $5 million. Dinardo’s Flickr account is full of pictures of sneakers, some of which have bullets included in the photos. According to the Daily Mail, both Dinardo and Patrick were members of the same Facebook group about buying and selling sneakers.


According to a friend of Meo, DiNardo, whose family owns a successful cement and construction company, along with many real estate holdings, has sold guns and marijuana in the past and has bragged about having someone killed over a debt.

Investigators will continue the excavation in order to locate and identify other human remains.

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Main photo: Jimi Tar Patrick,Tom Meo, Dean Finocchiaro, and Mark Sturgis [Bucks County Sheriff’s Office]


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