Man Gets Life In Prison For Killing, Disemboweling Girlfriend Because She Called Him Ex’s Name During Sex

SUNRISE, FL — A Florida man who killed his girlfriend and mutilated her body in a horrific orgy of violence — all because she called him the wrong name during sex — will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Fidel Lopez, 26, pleaded guilty on Thursday to the murder of 31-year-old Maria Nemeth in September 2015.

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Investigators said Lopez admitted that he became a “monster” after Nemeth called him by her ex-husband’s name in bed.

At first, Lopez told cops that he and Nemeth were drunk on tequila when she suddenly became sick while they were having rough sex. He said Nemeth went to the bathroom, and he called 911 for help because she was having trouble breathing.

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When officers arrived on the scene, they found Nemeth dead in a pool of blood — and also reportedly found chunks of human tissue throughout the crime scene.

But Lopez can be heard giving police details about the real events that unfolded the night of the murder in police interrogation videos released to CBS4 News.

She changed my name,” he said. “She called me the name of the other (expletive) guy. And she said it twice and she was wrong and she was confusing me with him. At that point, I get mad. I get really, really mad.”

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Police say Lopez then admitted to breaking items in an angry rage before attacking Nemeth, who was passed out in a closet. He began inserting objects, including his fists, into her vagina and anus and yanking out chunks of her intestines during his fit of violence.

Lopez originally pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder and sexual battery. But, in a plea deal that will spare him from the death penalty, he changed his plea to guilty and will spend his life in prison.

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Main photo: Fidel Lopez (left) and Maria Nemeth (right) [CBS Miami (screenshot)]

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