Man Who Killed His Stepdaughter To Have Sex With Her Corpse Won’t OK Divorce From Her Mom

Gregory Graf [Northampton County Jail]

EASTON, PA — A man convicted of killing his stepdaughter so that he could have sex with her corpse is contesting the terms of a divorce from her mother.

Gregory Graf, 55, was convicted on November 21, 2014, of killing his stepdaughter, 33-year-old Jessica Padgett, and recording video of himself sexually abusing her corpse.

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After first shooting Padgett in the back of the head, Graf hid her body on the seven acres of land he owned, which prompted a frantic five-day search for Padgett by her family.

During Graf’s trial, the jury had to view a shocking six-minute video that showed Graf abusing Padgett’s lifeless body, whose head he had covered in a plastic bag. The jury only needed a few minutes of deliberation to convict Graf of first-degree murder.

His attorney, Jack McMahon, never denied that his client killed Padgett, but argued instead that “something snapped,” and the shooting was not premeditated.

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Graf told a Pennsylvania court via video feed on Monday that he never agreed to terms that would give him 25 percent of the assets shared with his longtime wife Danielle Bittner — and refused to sign documents allowing the shared assets to be divided.

Under the conditions of the agreement, Graf would get $130,000 from two mutual funds in addition to 25 percent of the sale of his home in Edgewater, Florida, according to The Allentown Morning Call. Graf would also receive 100 percent of the money made from auctioning off his guns, hunting equipment, and mounted animal heads.

McMahon said Graf was happy with the agreement when it was reached in February. But Graf then says he felt abandoned by McMahon, claiming the lawyer didn’t give him the proper information.

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Judge Samuel Murray ruled in favor of Bittner having the power to execute the financial arrangements on Graf’s behalf. “It’s a court order, Mr. Graf,” Murray said.

It’s likely Graf will never seen any of this money anyway, as Michael Padgett, Jessica’s husband and the father of their three children, is suing Graf to garner his finances to benefit their remaining children.

Graf is serving a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole.

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