Fast Food Felons: 3 Crazy Crimes Involving Tacos, Chicken, And Cupcakes

Qwik Chik assault caught on camera [William Bastone / YouTube (screenshot)] (left) and fried chicken, cupcakes and tacos (right) [Wikimedia Commons]

Summer holidays are the perfect time for family, friends, and food. But when disputes get heated, sometimes delicious treats can get caught in the crossfire — and even be used as weapons.

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Below are three of the craziest food crimes we’ve seen this week:

Pregnant Florida Woman Arrested For Domestic Battery After Throwing Cupcakes 

Latonya Daugherty [Indian River County Sheriff’s Office]

VERO BEACH, FL — A pregnant Florida woman was arrested for domestic battery after she allegedly hurled frosted cupcakes at her brother during a late-night argument on Saturday in the family’s Vero Beach residence.

Police say Latonya Daugherty, 24, was quarreling with Eddie Yaddow, 30, when the “verbal argument escalated” and Daugherty allegedly “picked up frosted cupcakes and threw them at” her brother, striking him in the arm and chest.

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Yaddow fought back by removing frosting off his arms and wiping it in Daugherty’s hair — and also reportedly kicked her.

Though police determined that Daugherty was the “initial primary aggressor” due to the fact that she chucked the cupcakes, they found that Yaddow’s reaction “exceeded a reasonable response in self defense” and arrested him for aggravated battery.

Daugherty was released from jail Saturday evening after posting $1,000 bond. Yaddow remains locked up in lieu of $10,000 bond on the felony battery charge. [The Smoking Gun ]

Woman Hits Husband In The Head With A Hammer After He Brought Home The Wrong Taco Bell Order

Ashley Taylor [Byram Police Department]

BYRAM, MS — A Mississippi woman was arrested over the holiday weekend after police said she hit her husband with a hammer when he brought her the wrong Taco Bell order.

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Byram Police Chief Luke Thompson said Ashley Taylor, 28, was arrested Saturday after allegedly hitting her husband in the face with a hammer during a domestic dispute. Police later said that the fight was the result of the husband’s bringing home the wrong fast food. We’d all be upset if he forgot our Triple Layer Nachos, but this still seems a little extreme!

Taylor was charged with simple domestic violence. [Clarion Ledger]

Georgia Couple Wanted For Cold Chicken Assault Turns Turns Themselves In 

BAXLEY, GA — A couple wanted for allegedly attacking a Georgia restaurant owner and her teenage daughter because they were unhappy with their food order have now turned themselves in to police.

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Nathaniel Smith, 45, and LaTasha Smith, 28, surrendered to face felony charges in connection with the June 22 incident at a Qwik Chik takeout stand. Police and federal marshals had been searching for the couple, whose attack was caught on a surveillance camera and uploaded to YouTube.

According to investigators, the Smiths complained to owner Jeanette Norris that their chicken was cold and that they did not receive a sufficient amount of French fries. Even though Norris refunded the couple’s money, LaTasha Smith attacked Norris and began punching her. When Norris’s 15-year-old daughter came out to help, Nathaniel Smith hit the teen in the face.

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Norris suffered two black eyes and a broken nose, while her daughter had a concussion and a black eye.

Following the assault, the Smiths fled in a Cadillac Escalade. [The Smoking Gun]

Main photo: Qwik Chik assault caught on camera [William Bastone / YouTube (screenshot)] (left) and fried chicken, cupcakes and tacos (right) [Wikimedia Commons]

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