Inside The FBI Files: 10 Classified Pieces Of Evidence From The Ted Bundy Investigation

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  • Pam Weaver Sturgill

    Some people I believe are just born evil. He was evil through and through.

    • TMCS

      Yeap,evil,yet came off like a gentleman.

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  • TMCS

    I am so glad he is dead,him and John Wayne Casey!

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  • James Jensen

    some serial killers had horrible childhoods and I can almost understand why they are so messed up mentally. He was in law school I’m guessing he was somewhat talented. His normal appearance is what made him scary. I was in Fl. when he was executed @ Stark prison I remember hearing it on the radio. Evil is as evil does.

    • Juliana

      Indeed he was a true monster who appeared perfectly normal. I think this is the very reason he was able to get close to his victims, he was able to get away with his crimes for so long, and why he is the poster child even 40 years later of why women need to know the guy can be any guy, anywhere, and be charming. This psychopath blended so easily into society, while some women mistake that charm and behavior as not being a sinister monster. Technology just wasn’t available back then and he got sloppy at the end of his run.

      But today’s serial killer is more savvy and keep up with technology making them even harder to catch. But they are still most likely charming men who fit in with the normalcy of society and are untraceable more so now than ever before. That’s why they aren’t be caught today as in days past. It’s scary to know that a person can be dating a serial killer and not have a clue.

      • James Jensen

        do you know if he ever tried to get help for his mental problems? hopefully technology will one day catch any savvy psychopath.The whole problem is that the crime has to be committed before anything can be done and law enforcement always has to chase the guy. Evil is like a fire, it catches and it goes from one person to another until it hits the susceptible subject and that person somehow entertains it and it manifests itself in an ugly and unpredictable way. When I hear about a crime “murder” as senseless , I say no that’s exactly what the essence of evil is. It baffles and astounds and perhaps that is their desired effect, like a child looking for attention but not wanting to be punished for their negative behavior. Thanks for your reply JJ


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      • James Jensen

        check out investigation discovery story “my brother the serial killer” this story may change to whole OJ case

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