“Hell Of A Honeymoon”: Newlyweds Kidnap, Rape, And Beat Woman In Florida

Timothy Lowe (left) and Rashada Horsley (right) [Miami-Dade Police Department]

HIALEAH, FL — A newlywed couple from Georgia are spending their first days of wedding bliss behind bars after police say they abducted a woman from a grocery store parking lot on Sunday and violently raped her during a prolonged attack on Sunday.

Rashada Horsley, 32, and her husband Timothy Lowe, 37, face charges of kidnapping, carjacking, grand theft, and sexual battery.

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Miami-Dade Police said the 27-year-old victim was kidnapped after grocery shopping Sunday at a Publix supermarket in Hialeah, Florida. She told investigators she was backing her car out of the parking space when Horsley allegedly crossed in front of the car and approached the driver’s side door. When the victim rolled her window down, Horsley allegedly struck her in the side of her head and she blacked out, according to CBS Miami.

The victim later told police that she woke up to find Horsley in the driver’s seat and her husband, Timothy Lowe, inside the car. According to the victim, she tried to resist, but Horsley began choking her while Lowe punched her in the face and held her down.

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Her kidnappers then allegedly drove her to a Motel 6 in Miami, where they used her credit card to rent a room. The victim said that Lowe and Horsley then violently raped her. This included oral sex on both of them and anal penetration, police said. The victim was eventually able to escape, and Lowe and Horsley left the scene in her vehicle.

A day later, Lowe and Horsley were arrested on unrelated charges for public nudity after walking into a Walgreens stark naked, and then stealing two sodas from a 7-11. Police then connected the couple to the woman’s kidnapping, and the victim was able to positively identify her attackers in a photographic lineup.

In bond court Thursday morning, Miami-Dade County Judge Victoria Sigler noted that the couple were recently married and called the crime spree a “hell of a honeymoon.”

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Main photo: Timothy Lowe (left) and Rashada Horsley (right) [Miami-Dade Police Department]

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