Naked Man In Gold Glitter Paint Strolls Through Walmart

Main photo: Robert Kanoff [Tempe Police]

TEMPE, AZ — Tempe police arrested Robert Kanoff, 49, for strolling through a local Walmart clad in gold glitter makeup, gold shoes — and nothing else.

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Calls came in about a naked man in the store just before 10 P.M. Responding officers caught up with Kanoff across the street, still clad in his gilded birthday suit.

Allegedly, Kanoff had meth in his possession. If he was hiding it, the cops didn’t specify where. He also confessed to having consumed drugs that day and said two companions had dropped him off in his condition because they thought “it would be funny to for him to be naked.”

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Arrest records indicated that Kanoff had been busted for meth in January 2016, but the case was tossed after he completed a drug treatment program just one week prior to popping in on the people of Walmart.

Kanoff now faces charges of indecent exposure, public sexual indecency, and possession of dangerous drugs.

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Main photo: Robert Kanoff [Tempe Police]



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