“My Friend Dahmer”: First Trailer For 2017’s Most Anticipated True Crime Film

Ross Lynch as Jeffrey Dahmer/ "My Friend Dahmer" trailer via YouTube [screenshot]

CrimeFeed has been reporting about the film My Friend Dahmer ever since the announcement of a big-screen adaptation of John “Derf” Backderf’s award-winning 2012 graphic novel.

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Following the stunning news that the teenaged Jeffrey Dahmer would be played by Disney Channel heartthrob star Ross Lynch (Teen Beach Movie, Austin & Ally), and the movie’s sensational premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, an official trailer was just released at ComicCon.

The scenes in the teaser video very much evoke Backderf’s moving, funny, and ultimately tragic autobiographical work. The plot chronicles the writer and cartoonist’s high school friendship with young Jeff prior to the sadistic cannibal killings that shocked the entire world.

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Ross Lynch looks perfect in the title role. As the trailer moves through moments of Jeff watching his parents, his turning to alcohol to cope, and his winning friends by “acting” insane, Lynch exudes an uncanny mix of soul-deep agony and sympathetic charisma.

It’s easy to see what attracted Backderf and his group of pals to this outsider who is described, fairly, as “a little off.”

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FilmRise acquired distribution rights to My Friend Dahmer the day after its debut. The company plans to release the movie to theaters in the fall.

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Main photo: Ross Lynch as Jeffrey Dahmer/ “My Friend Dahmer” trailer via YouTube [screenshot]



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