Naked Man “High on Drugs” Chops Off Penis, Walks Outside, Gets Tased

Naked Man in Chicago/LiveLeak video [screenshot]

CHICAGO, IL — Shouting obscenities while his legs dripped blood, a naked man marched along a residential street in Chicago’s Irving Park neighborhood. The bleeding resulted from the troubled fellow having just cut off his own penis.

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As police arrived, witnesses captured the freak-out on video. The footage shows responders telling the man to get down on the ground. Instead, he yells, “Get out of here, b—ch!” and rushes toward a female officer who’s standing in an intersection. This move promptly gets him Tased.

After the first Taser blast fails to knock him down, the man charges another officer, who Tases him a second time. That one works.

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Throughout the video, onlookers comment on the action, with one off-camera voice bellowing: “Oh my God, bro. Shoot his a–! Shoot that motherf—er. This is a time when you shoot people!” Others yell, “Be calm! Be calm!”

Fortunately, the police didn’t follow the shooting advocate’s advice. After subduing the man with no further violence, they took him into custody. Further details regarding who he is or how he got that way are not available at present.

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Main photos: Naked Man in Chicago/LiveLeak video [screenshot]

  • Jen Nateras

    This article is totally incorrect. He didn’t chop it off. He was wearing clothes, then he started busting open windows, he tried to get into a man’s vehicle and while his wife was inside and a fight ensued. Another man came to help subdue him but because of the PCP he was on they were unable to keep him in the ground. Thats when he removed his clothes and went in a rampage. He then began to target anyone near him and attacked another man, that’s when he was hit with a crowbar, that’s where the blood came from. People in the comments of the video started assuming he cut his penis off, that is false. I personally know the men who were attacked and am writing this because as a well-known channel that I myself watch, I find it troubling that the writers of this article did not fact check this story and have simply altered other articles that have been written about this event.

    • Nodalis Dallas Raya

      Thank you for clarifying that the news channels Will say anything to sell a story

      • Martha Bartha

        Chopped off his Ding-A-Ling!

    • Nicholas Maxim

      Thanks for that,,,,,,too much of this out here.

  • Sway

    Room for gape is good for you.