If O.J. Simpson Was Caught Masturbating In Prison Cell, Could It Block Parole Chances?

O.J. Simpson [Dailymail.com (screenshot)]

Could O.J. Simpson‘s chance at being paroled tomorrow be in jeopardy after he may have been caught masturbating in his cell?

“O.J. is facing a disciplinary hearing after being written up for masturbating in his prison cell,” a source told the Daily Mail. “He was caught by a female corrections officer making her normal rounds in late June.”

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Public masturbation is strictly against the rules in U.S. federal prisons. In practice, the definition of what is “public” space can sometimes be difficult to determine when guards are doing checks on prisoners, sometimes after hours, in their cells.

The former football star has been in Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada since 2008, and according to reports, until this latest self-pleasuring incident, he had been a model prisoner.

Simpson, 70, is due to appear before the Nevada Department of Corrections Parole Board via video conference on Thursday, July 20. But he has not yet faced a disciplinary hearing for the masturbation charge, which the source says is “serious enough that any potential parole date may be delayed, or his parole denied.” Many experts do believe that Simpson is likely to be granted parole at the hearing. If this happens, he could be released as early as October.

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Whether or not this recent infraction by Simpson actually took place, however, is up for debate. Soon after the Daily Mail scoop was publicized, TMZ weighed in to dispute it. The gossip site quotes an unnamed source saying, “It is against Nevada Dept. of Corrections policy to release inmate disciplinary history to the public. It is also against policy to release inaccurate information. No official from our department would have released the information in question.”

So, now one has to determine which site, the Daily Mail or TMZ, is more reputable. One misstep that Simpson seems to have legitimately made while incarcerated, though, is the nefarious act of eating a cookie. Jeffrey Felix, a retired corrections officer, told USA Today that Simpson was given a purloined cookie, and ate it brazenly in the open. His cookie-munching was noticed by a guard, and he was written up for the infraction. Felix claims that it was due to his intervention, when he pointed out she would forever be known as the “Cookie Monster” in the prison, that the guard was convinced to tear up the write-up and spare Simpson the black mark on his record.

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Simpson has served almost nine years of a 33-year sentence for kidnapping and robbery after he and his friends confronted a pair of memorabilia dealers at the Palace State Hotel and Casino on September 13, 2007.

He was controversially acquitted of the murders of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1995.

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