The P Train: Creep Urinates In Woman’s Face On NYC Subway

NEW YORK, NY — New York City’s “Summer of Hell” for subway riders continues … disgustingly.

The NYPD is on the hunt today for a man who urinated directly into the face of a woman riding the subway.

The unidentified woman says she was riding the Manhattan-bound J train in Queens at around 2 A.M. when she dozed off while listening to music on her headphones.

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She awoke to feel something wet splashing on her face. Upon opening her eyes, she saw a man standing in front of her, relieving himself right onto her.

Once the train pulled into the Cypress Hills station, the assailant bolted and fled into the night.

The woman was not physically or medically injured, but … really.

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Police describe the suspect as standing about five foot three. He was wearing a red shirt and black pants. If arrested, charges might include public lewdness.

Anyone with information should call CrimeStoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

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Main photo: J Train, NYC subway [WikiMedia Commons]



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