Elderly Man Found Dead In Elevator Had Pressed Emergency Alarm Twice, But No One Responded

Isaak Komisarchik [Denver Police Department]

DENVER, CO — A Colorado man who was reported missing in July and found weeks later dead in an elevator car had pressed the emergency alarm twice but no one responded, according to reports.

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Isaak Komisarchik, 82, was found dead in a Denver apartment complex elevator car on August 3, according the Denver Post. 

Komisarchik had been reported missing back on July 5. According to his family, he was last seen walking to the complex’s leasing office to pick up his mail.

His body was found after tenants reported an odor coming from the elevator shaft.

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Heartbreakingly, police later discovered that Komisarchik, who suffered from dementia, had pressed the elevator’s emergency alarm twice on July 6.

The Post reported that the elevator Komisarchik was found in was not being used since the parking lot it was located in was under renovation.

According to reports, MEI Total Elevator Solutions received the call and notified the apartment complex. But, after checking two other elevators, workers failed to check the elevator car Komisarchik was trapped inside.

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We are saddened by the tragic loss of life and extend our deepest condolences to Mr. Komisarchik’s family and friends,” a spokesperson for the apartment complex’s management company, Greystar Management Services, told the Post.

The investigation into Komisarchik’s death continues.

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