Ironically Named Florida Woman Hit With Child Abuse Charges After Blowing .200 On Breathalyzer

BOYNTON BEACH, FL — A Florida woman faces DUI and child abuse charges after she failed a breathalyzer test and was driving dangerously with an unbuckled child in the backseat of her car, police said.

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Brandy (seriously?) Lerma, 31, was spotted by a tow-truck driver swerving all over the road and almost hitting four nearby cars, WPEC reported. A deputy who responded to the scene smelled alcohol coming from the car and saw a three-year-old riding unrestrained in the backseat when he pulled Lerma over, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Lerma reportedly fell twice while the officer was administering the DUI roadside test. In addition, Lerma’s speech was reportedly slurred and — despite the fact that her license was in plain sight when the officer asked for it — she failed to find it.

Brandy Lerma [Palm Beach County Sheriff]

Brandy Lerma [Palm Beach County Sheriff]

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She took two breathalyzer tests in which she blew a .200 and a .187 — over double the legal limit in Florida, which is .08.

Lerma, who claimed she’d drank two fireballs, reportedly told police that in addition to booze, she’d also taken Percocet and Xanax.

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Main photo: Brandy Lerma [Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office]



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