Charles Manson’s Brand-New Mug Shot: Head Shaved & Lookin’ Evil

CORCORAN, CA — Forty-seven years into his prison sentence for masterminding the infamous 1969 TateLaBianca massacres, homicidal hippie cult leader Charles Manson has been photographed for a fresh mug shot at California’s Corcoran State Prison.

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Charles Manson in 2017 [Corcoran State Prison]

Sporting a shaven head, a fully gray beard, and the signature swastika “third eye” tattoo on his forehead, the 82-year-old Manson definitely appears older than he has in times past, but as TMZ notes:

“He doesn’t look worse for wear after he was rushed [in late 2016] to a nearby hospital where he spent days for a lesion in his intestines that caused significant bleeding.”

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Authorities took Manson’s most recent previous mugshot in 2014.

Charles Manson in 2014 [California State Department of Corrections]

He had more hair and few less wrinkles back then.

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Of course, Charlie’s original 1969 LAPD mugshot following the murders committed by members of his Manson Family cult remains a classic image of American terror.

Charles Manson in 1969 [LAPD]

Manson, who was originally sentenced to death before California abolished capital punishment, has repeatedly been rejected for parole. He’ll get his next shot at freedom in 2027, when he’ll be 93.

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