Submarine Owner Now Says Missing Reporter, Kim Wall, “Died In An Accident”

Peter Madsen aboard the Nautilus submarine [ via Copenhagen Suborbitals / YouTube (screenshot)

Submarine builder Peter Madsen is now claiming that Kim Wall, the Swedish journalist who has been missing since August 11 when she boarded Madsen’s homemade submarine, died in an accident and was buried at sea.

Madsen, 46, who has been charged with manslaughter, stated during a court hearing in Denmark that he buried Wall at sea in an “unspecified place” in Køge Bay, according to a statement published by Copenhagen City Council on Monday.

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Wall, 30, boarded Madsen’s submarine, the UC3 Nautilus, in order to interview Madsen for a story she was writing on him on August 10. After she failed to return home, Wall’s worried boyfriend reported her missing.

Madsen was picked up by the Danish navy on August 11 when his submarine sank.

Madsen had originally rejected accusations that he was responsible for Wall’s death, claiming he had dropped her off on land on the Thursday night, according to a police statement. Police then later said Madsen had given them a “different explanation,” and reportedly changed his story several times. They also claim to have found evidence that the sinking of the submarine was deliberate.

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Madsen reportedly also sent a text to a friend saying that Wall had left the vessel and canceling a trip he was supposed to be taking on the submarine the following day.

Madsen was charged with manslaughter and ordered to be held in custody for 24 days. Danish and Swedish authorities have been conducting a massive search at sea to search for Wall’s remains, and it is hoped the new information will help them.

At the time of Madsen being charged, his lawyer Betina Hald Engmark said that her client denied committing the murder.

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Main photo: Peter Madsen aboard the Nautilus submarine [ via Copenhagen Suborbitals / YouTube (screenshot)


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