The Colorado Cannibal Who Cooked & Ate Her Boyfriend


ALAMOSA, CO — In January 1994, pickled body parts belonging to 51-year-old Peter Michael Green, who had been reported missing in late 1993, were found in the apartment of his girlfriend, Carolyn Gloria Blanton, 41.

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A tip had led police to Blanton’s apartment after someone reported human bones in the trash bin outside the complex. Investigators also found a spoon and a bowl containing bite-sized chunks of Green’s corpse — along with a .25 caliber pistol.

Police later determined that Blanton had shot her lover four times before starting in on the carving and cooking.

Green’s torso was found in a closet at his home, but his head was found far away in a remote area.

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Sheriff’s Captain Les Sharff testified later in court that:

 “The flesh and the meat were off the legs. They had been totally cut away from the bones themselves, from the ankle up.”

Blanton was charged with first-degree murder, but found not guilty by reason of insanity. She was committed to the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo.

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In 1999, following her arrest and trial, Blanton changed her name to Jane Lynn Woodry.

Over time at the institute, she was able to win more freedom. Following a controversial decision in 2005, she was allowed to move into an apartment off the state hospital campus in Pueblo.

Conditions for her release included holding a job, attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, receiving regular injections to treat her schizophrenia, and meeting with her case manager three times a week. Woodry’s psychiatrist stated that when she is on medication, she is not dangerous to herself or others.

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Woodry later said that she was “deeply ashamed” of her crimes and claimed, “The person who killed Peter Green is not me.”

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      I knew him in ’92! I was honoured to have been accepted as his friend. A kindred spirit, and still missed, 25 years on!
      If anyone has any pictures of him, mine were lost many years ago, in a series of house moves. I would love one to remember him by!

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  • She’s free to walk to streets? They should keep the mentally ill locked away so they can’t harm anyone and what do they go and do? Give most of ’em freedom.