Neighbors Of Missing Pregnant Woman Arrested After Found With Newborn Baby

Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind [Fargo Police Department]

FARGO, ND — Police have arrested neighbors of Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind — who was eight months pregnant when she vanished nearly a week ago — after finding a newborn baby believed to be Greywind’s child at their residence.

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Fargo Police Chief David Todd released a statement early Friday saying 32-year-old William Henry Hoehn and a 38-year-old Brooke Lynn Crews, who live in the apartment, have been arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

Greywind lives in a nearby apartment in Fargo, North Dakota, and Crews told police that Greywind had come over on Saturday to help her with a sewing project.

According to the Duluth News-Tribune, Greywind was helping Crews because she needed a model while making a garment.  She claimed that Greywind left afterward.

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Greywind’s mother Norberta LaFontaine-Greywind insisted to local media that she did not believe that her daughter left on her own. She pointed out that her daughter left behind her car and her wallet, and had ordered a pizza before going upstairs to help her neighbor — which was left uneaten.

I immediately knew something was wrong because her car is here. She’s eight months pregnant. Her feet were swollen, so she wouldn’t have taken up walking like that. There was pizza here that she hadn’t eaten. She would not just leave that lady’s apartment and go somewhere.

After receiving information that led them back to the apartment of Crews and Hoehn, Todd said in a statement that the police department executed a search warrant there and found the child at around around 2 P.M. Thursday.

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The infant was immediately taken to a medical facility. The father of Greywind’s baby, boyfriend Ashton Matheny, told the Duluth News-Tribune that he has not seen the baby, but has been told that the infant is healthy.

He said he last heard from Greywind when she sent him a text around 1:30 P.M. Saturday — and that he and Greywind had been planning to move into an apartment together. Matheny also revealed that he and Greywind had been expecting a girl and had decided on the name Haisley Jo.

Chillingly, a resident of the apartment building, Christipher Miranda, said he heard banging sounds in the bathtub in the third-floor apartment above him about 1:30 or 2 P.M. on Saturday, and that the sounds lasted for 15 to 20 minutes. He said he could then hear the shower running.

Hoehn has a criminal history and pleaded guilty in 2012 to fracturing his infant son’s skull, according to the Duluth News-Tribune. The child survived, but a court reportedly issued a no-contact order — and Hoehn was barred from seeing the child.

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Fargo police continue to search for Greywind. So far, the department has conducted K-9 searches and — along with the Fargo Fire Department and U.S. Border Patrol — aerial and river searches, but all came up empty handed.

The investigation continues.

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Main photo: Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind [Fargo Police Department]



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