Crime History: Serial Murderer Dallen Bounds Killed 4 Victims, Then Shot Himself

SIG Pro semi-automatic pistol [Augustas Didžgalvis via Wikipedia]

On August 9, 1971, future serial killer Dallen Forrest Bounds, who was later linked to four murders in South Carolina and suspected of more in Washington state, was born in Ashland, Oregon.

Bounds’ killing spree began on June 26, 1999, when he tied employee Jonathan Lemuel Lara with flex ties to a chair in the back room of a Radio Shack in Greenville. Lara was stabbed in the neck with a screwdriver and subsequently died. 

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On December 22, Bounds struck again, this time at a tiny flower shop on a busy street in Greenville. He killed Karen Moore Hayden, 30, and left her in a pool of blood in a back storage room. Her throat had been slit.

A delivery man who had been sent to check on Hayden found all of the store’s lights turned off and the “Sorry, we’re closed” sign hanging in the front window — he then unlocked the door and discovered her body.

Police saw similarities to the Lara murder: As with the Radio Shack crime scene, the flower shop appeared to have very little disturbed.

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The next day, Pickens County Sheriff’s deputies found Sandra Ott, who authorities later revealed was Bounds’ girlfriend, shot to death on the floor of her ex-husband Timothy Ott’s house. According to authorities, Bounds had been stalking her.

Timothy Ott had fled the home and ran to a neighbor’s house to call police, but Bounds caught up to him and shot him in the head. The neighbor was later found hiding in a closet, and the Ott’s five-year-old son was found by police asleep in his bed.

Bounds was found almost 12 hours later at a home in Easley where he had taken two women hostage. When police came in, Bounds put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, committing suicide.

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Two weeks later, Greenville police announced the arrest of Casandra Laster, 29, who lived with Bounds, in connection with Lara’s murder. Laster was found guilty of accessory after the fact of felony murder in 2001. She appealed her sentence of 15 years, but the case was dismissed in 2003 by the South Carolina Court of Appeals. She has since been released.

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Main photo: SIG Pro semi-automatic pistol [Augustas Didžgalvis via Wikipedia]]



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