Don’t Eat That Dessert! Lynn Turner, The Husband-Poisoning “Antifreeze Killer”

Lynn Turner [Georgia Department of Corrections]

ATLANTA, GA — On August 30, 2010, Metro State Prison officials discovered the body of Lynn Turner, 42, dead in her cell. The convicted murderer of two had secretly gathered up a sufficient amount of prescription blood-pressure medication to constitute a lethal dosage and then gulped it down.

Such a poisonous demise seemed in keeping with the transgressions that got Turner locked up in the first place.

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In 2004, a court convicted her for fatally poisoning Glenn Turner. Three years later, another jury found Lynn guilty in the poisoning death of her live-in lover, Randy Thompson.

Turner didn’t use mere pills on her prior victims though. Instead, there’s a very clear reason why she came to be known as “The Antifreeze Killer.”

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Born in 1968, Lynn Turner grew up in Cobb County, Georgia, the adopted daughter of a Helen Womack, a woman with tumultuous romantic troubles. As a teen, Lynn abused drugs to the point of having to go to rehab while still in high school.

Lynn Turner [Georgia Department of Corrections]

After a youth of rule breaking, young Lynn found herself drawn to law enforcement. In her early 20s, she became a 911 dispatcher and, in 1991, she tried to join the Atlanta Police Department. The force rejected Turner after she failed a psych evaluation.

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That same year, Lynn met and quickly wed Cobb County police officer Glenn Turner. Their marriage proved rocky fast. They fought about money, slept in separate rooms, and, just a year or so in, Lynn commenced an affair with firefighter Randy Thompson.

On March 2, 1995, Glenn Turner fell suddenly, seriously ill. He was planning to divorce Lynn, so perhaps stress had taken a toll. Regardless, Glenn rushed to an emergency room afflicted with severe flu-type symptoms.

Doctors treated the stricken policeman. He felt better, went home, and died in his bed a few hours later. A medical exam initially ruled that Glenn expired from natural causes related to an irregular heartbeat. That initial exam was wrong.

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Shortly thereafter, Lynn collected $153,000 from Glenn’s pension and insurance. She also moved in with Randy Thompson. Over the next five years, the new couple had two children, but they battled one another constantly.

On January 21, 2001, Thompson collapsed from stomach pain and projectile vomiting. He made his way to a hospital, where attendants calmed his symptoms and sent him home. Seem familiar?

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Once there, Lynn Turner served her second husband a generous bowl of Jell-O. He then went to sleep and died. Like Glenn Turner before him, Thompson’s cause of death turned out to be an irregular heartbeat.

This “coincidence,” at last, alerted authorities to the possibility that there may have been more to these fatalities than upset guts and perhaps a funky packet of dessert mix. In fact, it was antifreeze.

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Lynn Turner came by her chemical weapon of choice after visiting an animal shelter and asking what the most merciful poison might be to put down a stray dog in pain.

Armed with regular, automotive antifreeze as her answer, Turner slipped the flavorless, odor-free, ethylene-glycol-based liquid into both her victims’ food. A second exam of Randy Thompson detected his system to be riddled with the toxin.

Authorities exhumed Glenn Turner’s body and found his kidney’s loaded with antifreeze. They subsequently noticed a bottle of the stuff near Glenn’s body in the original crime-scene photos.

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Lynn Turner got convicted of murder in both cases. Prosecutors argued that insurance money served as her motive, even though she collected only a $60,000 fraction of Thompson’s $200,000, as he had missed a few payments.

Until 2010, Turner did her two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole at Georgia’s Metro State Prison. She determined exactly when to end that penalty by sneaking and hoarding portions of her blood-pressure-regulation pills until she had enough to kill herself.

Following Lynn Turner’s suicide, Penny Penn, the Forsyth County district attorney who prosecuted the killer in 2007, deemed it “the final chapter in what has been a very long and very sad, albeit fascinating, story.”

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