Florida Neo-Nazi Family Busted In “Cesspool” Trailer With Guns, Drugs & Master Race Propaganda

The five neo-Nazis arrested [Pasco County Sheriff's Office]

NEW PORT RICHEY, FL — Five self-proclaimed neo-Nazis have been arrested in Florida after an undercover investigation unveiled drugs, firearms, and hundreds of pages of American Nazi Family propaganda in their possession.

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Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies made the arrests on Tuesday after obtaining a search warrant for a mobile home located in New Port Richey that law-enforcement officials described as a “cesspool.” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said, “This place should’ve been condemned years ago.”

Alexander Nowokunski, 33, Gabrielle Price, 24, Steven Crumbley, 31, Melinda Zalneraitis, 47, and Michael Baun, 28, were all arrested and hit with a string of firearm and drug charges.

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According to police, all are known felons. Crumbley and Nowokunski are reportedly both documented gang members.

Deputies found items including hundreds of pages of American Nazi Family propaganda including rules, hierarchy, and oaths, along with credit cards, military IDs, state IDs, veteran ID cards, insurance cards, and vehicle titles.

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The suspects allegedly stole identification cards from mailboxes and used them to obtain credit cards, according to Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco.

The investigators also unearthed drug paraphernalia including needles, scales, and spoons along with approximately 12 grams of meth and opiates.

There were also loads of weapons on the property, including a Firestar 9 mm firearm, a Glock 23, a rifle, a High Point .45 magazines, and several rounds of ammunition.

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Deputies also recovered a stolen vehicle. A sixth suspect is still at large —  Justin Hopper, 28, who is wanted for possession of a stolen motorcycle.

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Main photo: The five neo-Nazis arrested [Pasco County Sheriff’s Office]

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