Shocking Details Revealed About Potential “Womb Raiders” Accused Of Murdering Pregnant Mom

Brooke Lynn Crews and William Henry Hoehn [Fargo Police Department]

The couple who are accused of kidnapping and murdering pregnant mom Savanna Lafontaine-Greywind had a violent, troubled relationship – and at least nine children between them — according to new reports.

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Brooke Lynn Crews and her boyfriend, William Hoehn, have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, and false information in connection with their alleged involvement in the disappearance of Lafontaine-Greywind, 22.

Greywind, who was eight months pregnant, disappeared on August 19 after reportedly heading to a neighboring apartment where Crews and Hoehn lived in order to help with a sewing project.

Once Lafontaine-Greywind had gone missing, police found a newborn baby in Crews and Hoehn’s apartment, who they believe is Lafontaine-Greywind’s.

The victim’s body was discovered on Sunday evening by kayakers in the Red River. Authorities say the body had been “heavily wrapped in plastic and duct tape” and had gotten stuck on a tree in the water.

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Crews admitted to police that she arranged to have Lafontaine-Greywind come to her apartment on August 19, according to a criminal complaint. However, she then claimed she told Lafontaine-Greywind how to induce her own labor by breaking her water — and that the young mother returned two days later to give Crews her newborn baby.

But Hoehn told police that he came home August 19 to find Crews cleaning up blood in their bathroom — and that she then showed him a newborn baby girl and said, “This is our baby, this is our family.” Hoehn admitted to police that he helped remove garbage bags containing bloody towels and his own bloody shoes from the apartment and disposed of them in an apartment building dumpster in West Fargo.

Crews and Hoehn have been living together for about three years. Court records from a domestic-violence case against Hoehn last year indicate that he was charged with pushing Crews into a bathtub during an argument. He was reportedly convicted of misdemeanor domestic assault in that case and sentenced to 30 days in jail.

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William Hoehn's mug shot from the 2011 skull-fracture case

William Hoehn’s mug shot from the 2011 skull-fracture case

Hoehn also has a history of violence toward at least one child: He was convicted in 2012 of felony child abuse for causing skull fractures to his infant son, who is now six years old.

According to the Bismarck Tribune, Crews has seven children — and court records from Florida, Minnesota, and North Dakota show Crews’ children have had at least five different fathers.

Aaron Edwards, who had a child with Crews 22 years ago and now lives in Florida, told the paper that he was shocked at the charges against Crews. He said that she had not been involved in her daughter’s upbringing for the past 19 years, and only had sporadic contact with the teen via Facebook a few years ago.

Court records show she divorced the father of her two youngest children, Carl Crews, in 2008, and that the couple had a dispute over her alleged failure to pay child support.

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Crews started dating Hoehn around 2014, and if court records are any indication, the relationship was marked by violence.

At a press conference held on Monday, police were not able to comment on whether Lafontaine-Greywind gave birth naturally, or had been the victim of fetal abduction.

The infant is healthy and reportedly in the custody of social services.

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Main photo: Brooke Lynn Crews and William Henry Hoehn [Fargo Police Department]



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