Thieves Steal U-Haul Containing Dead Body, Ditch It At Golf Course

Stolen U-haul with body recovered/KRQE video [screenshot]

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Police in Albuquerque say trailer theft is a fairly common crime, particularly around hotels, as thieves hope that they’re heisting housewares, luggage, tools, and maybe even somebody’s big-screen TV.

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Whoever sped off with a U-Haul in the Residence Inn parking lot on Monday, though, made off with what local cops say is a first: a dead body.

Police Officer Tanner Tixier told the press that a couple from Oklahoma stopped at the motel en route to San Juan County, where they would be burying a loved one. That’s when somebody swiped their U-Haul. As Officer Trixier put it:

“Unfortunately and grotesquely, a casket containing the remains of [their] father-in-law was inside that trailer.”

Four hours later, somebody called the police to report the U-Haul turning up abandoned in the parking lot of the Puerto Del Sol Golf Course

Officer Trixier was happy to report:

“Vehicle, trailer, and casket with the human remains are still inside.”

Trixier also added: “For the family absolutely, that’s our biggest relief. To bring closure that quickly is always a good thing.”

The suspects are described as three males who were driving a red Chevy Silverado pick-up truck. The truck was also reported stolen.

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Main photo: Stolen U-haul with body recovered/KRQE video [screenshot]


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