Domestic Violence Call Nets Giant Pot Plants — & Amazing Mug Shot

Douglas Hazelrigs [Clayton County Sheriff’s Office]

CLAYTON COUNTY, GA — A woman who called police to report her son threatening to shoot her inadvertently pointed officers in the direction of a sizable marijuana-growing operation — as well as providing mug shot fans with a new eye-popper for the ages.

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The surprise series of busts kicked off when Diane Hazelrigs dialed 911 and said her 30-year-old son, Douglas Hazelrigs, had just stormed out of their home after saying he was coming back to shoot her.

Douglas Hazelrigs [Clayton County Sheriff’s Office]

When responders arrived, Diane sent them to a neighbor’s house, where Douglas regularly hung out with brothers Michael McGuoirk and William McGuoirk.

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Deputies walked over to Michael McGuoirk’s residence and spotted a four-foot-tall marijuana plant growing “in plain view.” Michael told the cops his brother gave him the seeds, prompting a visit to William’s place, where a nine-foot pot plant towered above them.

From left: William McGuoirk, Michael McGuoirk, Douglas Hazelrigs [Clayton County Sheriff’s Office]

Douglas Hazelrigs turned up hiding in a shed on William’s property. Everyone got arrested. Douglas provided what is by far the trio’s most memorable mug shot.

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Main photo: Douglas Hazelrigs [Clayton County Sheriff’s Office]



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