Funeral Director Busted Taking Pics Of Corpses To “Gross Out” Friends

Angeliegha Stewart [Monroe County District Attorney's Office]

EAST STROUDSBURG, PA — Professional funeral director Angeliegha Stewart, 27, has been charged with abusing corpses — with her cellphone camera.

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Allegedly, Stewart, who worked for the Lanterman & Allen Funeral Home in East Stroudsburg, snapped pictures of bodies entrusted to her care. She then sent the images to friends and family members in order to “gross out” the recipients.

Authorities report that Stewart photographed one body in the process of having its organs harvested, and another that had severely decomposed.

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Police are still working to determine the identity of the deceased in the photos.

In addition to the alleged corpse crimes, police also charged Stewart with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, along with disorderly conduct and harassment.

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Officers arraigned Stewart and released her on her own recognizance. The penalties for her crimes could potentially be stiff.

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Main photo: Angeliegha Stewart [Monroe County District Attorney’s Office]



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