“I Don’t Forgive Her”: Why Lyle Menendez Blames His Mother Kitty For The Brutal Murders

Lyle Menendez [California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation]Lyle Menendez [California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation]

Lyle Menendez has revealed details about the events leading up to the shotgun murders of his parents on August 20, 1989 — and the sexual abuse he says that he and his brother endured — in a new interview.

It’s been almost three decades since Lyle and Erik Menendez murdered their parents José and Kitty at their Beverly Hills home, but the case continues to fascinate the nation.

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It’s really, a regret every day, a regret every day, but at the same time, I can’t escape what happened anymore than I can escape the memories of what happened to me,” Lyle, 49, told Megyn Kelly, who spoke with him in a phone interview from prison, on Today.

He continues to insist that sexual abuse drove he and his brother to kill, and calls his father José “monstrous” — but confessed that he has mixed feelings about his mother Kitty.

During the murder trial, Lyle testified that he told his mother about the abuse, and that, until he was 13, she also sexually abused him also by inviting him into her bed and washing his body “everywhere.” He now says that it wasn’t him who told his mother that he was being raped or abused — but an adult cousin did.

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I love my mother, and I still cry over my mother, and I don’t forgive her,” he said.

“Her life ended and our lives essentially ended all because of this fateful decision. There had to be a series of decisions she made of not to tell what was happening. What kind of mother lets it happen?

Lyle is currently serving a life sentence at Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, California, while Erik, 46, is behind bars at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego.

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He insisted that the murders of 45-year-old Jose and 47-year-old Kitty — who suffered 15 gunshot wounds between them — were not premeditated. “This was the opposite of a cold-blooded killing,” Lyle said.

“I think that the crime scene didn’t show that it was cold-blooded, it showed that it was very hot-blooded, very emotional. The outrage, the anger, the betrayal, the feeling that she knew all along.”

Lyle and Erik initially tried to blame the attacks on a Mafia hit or a business deal gone wrong. But the brothers were arrested a few months later, after going on a huge spending spree that included cars, lavish parties, and dropping $15,000 on three Rolex watches.

Lyle told Kelly that “it would be a crazy plan” to use a shotgun in Beverly Hills with so many homes and police stations nearby — and still insisted that the boys killed their parents to escape their father’s sexual abuse.

As it turned out, according to reports, neighbors did later report hearing what sounded like firecrackers around 10 P.M., but dismissed it as nothing to be concerned about.

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And prosecutors claimed that the boys’ motive was pure greed, and that they killed their parents because they wanted the $14 million estate they left behind.

The brothers’ first trial, in 1993, ended with a deadlocked jury. They were tried again, and convicted, in 1995.

Since being behind bars, both brothers have married.

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Main photo: Lyle Menendez [California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation]

  • Yvonne Orth

    I’m sorry but I still have my doubts that these two were abused in the way they claimed at trial. I don’t like feeling that way when I think of people who don’t report abuse because they fear not being believed. I don’t doubt that their father was trying to control their every move and punished them severely for transgressions. They didn’t tell their doctor of the abuse but told him of the murders? Why would they confess a murder to him but not give the reason for it?
    My opinion is that their father had total control of them and rather than go out on their own and start lives and make their own money, they killed them.
    For Lyle to say the murders were not premeditated discredits, for me, anything else he says. Buying guns with stolen identification, setting up a movie as an alibi, reloading and firing more shots certainly sounds premeditated to me.
    Abuse is never okay but lying about abuse to get away with murder isn’t either.

  • Mrs.K

    You would think after all these years they would just give in and say they were greedy teenage brats looking to get rid of controlling parents and an inheritance payout while high on cocaine. However they still stick the the abuse tagline and other stuff that does not even add up.

  • amanda

    I believe them. The power of money in a community and it’s ability to keep that will blanket pulled…is so very true and familiar. Amazing how adults will allow kids to suffer, even though they are aware of it. Wealthy people are toxic and these two were driven by emotion to kill.

    • Donna Morris

      Wealthy people are toxic? Child sexual abuse occurs in every income bracket! As a matter of fact, the poor abuse children more due to the stress that being in a lower income bracket brings with it. It’s a fact.

  • Diana Marie Wood

    That was no murder it was a massacre!!!

  • Martha Bartha

    She allowed that sexual abuse to go on!