5 Naughty Nurses Suspended For Admiring Man’s Genitals As He Lay Dying (& Dead)

Nurse figure [Pixabay]

DENVER, CO — Five nurses at the Denver Health Medical Center were placed on three-week suspension after they allegedly gawked at a male patient’s genitals as he lay dying.

Later, reportedly, after the patient had passed away, some of the nurses opened the body bag to ogle what the dead man was packing in there.

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According to a police report:

“Multiple staff members viewed the victim while he was incapacitated, including after he was deceased.”

The incidents supposedly happened between March 31 and April 3. Another nurse claimed that she heard some of her colleagues talking to one another about eyeballing the infirm man’s penis and testicles. She officially filed a report on May 8.

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The Denver PD decided to let the hospital handle the matter internally. Initially, the Medical Center suspended just two nurses. Later, the total rose to five.

Denver Health Medical Center spokesman Josh Rasmussen called the punishments “serious” and remarked that the disciplinary measures will be part of the staffers’ permanent records.

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Main image: Nurse figure [Pixabay]

  • Martha Bartha

    What a waste of good meat!

  • Helena Williamstom

    Sorry. I would have peeked as well

  • Me


  • P-1

    I heard the man’s name was One Hung Low.

  • Pamela Rabon

    I know someone who worked in a hospital in the ICU. A man came in-motorcycle accident and wasn’t wearing a helmet. (Just waiting on family to give ok to shut off life support.) ANYWAY….they man had a tattoo of an elephant head…you KNOW where this is going! Yeah…everyone had to check it out LOL!

    • Patty DeVinney

      it’s hard to let go of that curiosity…. I have a friend that’s a paramedic, and he said that he went on a call for this guy that got hit by a vehicle or something, serious enough to be flown to shock trauma hospital, and the guy kept telling them not to cut his pants off. The nurses reassured him they wouldn’t, sedated him, and cut his pants off, he had serious leg injury, they HAD to cut them off… he was wearing a pair of women’s red underwear, all lacy and stuff, lol… several months later, my friend that’s a paramedic got sent out on a call where some guy was decapitated walking down the street, a truck cap came off the back of a truck and knocked his head right off, and, my friend knew who it was, because the decapitated man was wearing a pair of women’s underwear just like the ones when he went to shock trauma hospital!

      • Al McMullin Walle

        I worked at an old folks’ home where some senior apparently also made a small impression for identical reasons (I woulda thought up some nasty trick: “Laugh and choke at the same time and I’ll see you in court”).

  • Valerie

    I’m surprised they didn’t take a pic and post it on Instagram or Facebook. Isn’t that what everyone does these days?

  • kaneasha8

    This is so sad, that the man died. I bet the poor fellow with the big stuff, would have been thrilled though. Still, had the dying victim been a woman, with 5 men workers, peeking at her vagina while dying and days later unzipping her body bag to look further at her vagina, while dead – the out cry would be deafening! The male workers would be fired and the police would have handled it as a sexual assault.

    • Al McMullin Walle

      The echo is what gets a lotta guys caught.

  • 02Dave12345


  • Curiosity killed the cats.

  • Al McMullin Walle

    “So, you were all being naughty with each other..? No, so, what kind of ‘naughty’ got you in trouble at your last job, and keep it above the belt.”