Candice DeLong Reveals How To Get Away With Murder (Not Really)

Candice Delong [Courtesy Candice Delong]

Former FBI agent and profiler Candice DeLong , host of Investigation Discovery’s Deadly Women and Facing Evil With Candice DeLong, had an illustrious 20-year career in law enforcement. She was an FBI agent and profiler, whose cases include the bizarre and random Tylenol poisoning case. She also worked the Unabomber case, and was part of the team that tracked down and arrested Ted Kaczynski after a 17-year manhunt.

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Special Agent coverAdditionally, DeLong authored the best-selling book Special Agent: My Life on the Front Lines As A Woman in the FBI.  

Between her training at Quantico, studying under the biggest names in criminal profiling, such as John Douglas and Roy Hazelwood, and her time on the job, suffice it to say that DeLong knows a thing or two — or three — about murder.

When CrimeFeed interviewed DeLong recently, she disclosed, based on her experience, what someone planning to commit murder would have to do — and not do — to get away with it. [Editor’s note: But not, like, for real, guys — this was a completely hypothetical discussion, not an instruction manual. Don’t kill people.]

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Candice DeLong: There are a few things, if someone’s going to commit murder and get away with it, that they must do. I’m not going to tell you what they all are, but I can tell you what three of them are.

CrimeFeed: OK

Number one: You do the crime yourself.

Number two: You don’t ever tell anyone.

Number three: There’s more, but the third is distance yourself from evidence that can get back to you. There are other things, but those are three. Kaczynski did all of those.

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Unabomber sketch [FBI]

Unabomber sketch [FBI]


I’m not giving away a trade secret. Anybody who watches ID knows. There are really easy ways … If a killer plans out a murder well and doesn’t tell anyone and basically doesn’t kill anyone that they are associated with, there’s a good chance they’re not going to be in handcuffs — at least for a while.

Good to know!

I’m not giving all the reasons, but, yeah, if you stay up on these kinds of things, or watch or read the news, and watch ID and all this stuff, you can see how people get caught.

What about the Unabomber?

[One of] the biggest mistakes he ever made (besides killing people) was calling the FBI a “joke.” The biggest mistake he made was seeking publicity. Had Kaczynski never started communicating with The New York Times and sent that manifesto, we would probably still be looking for him.

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You think?

We had 26 databases. He wasn’t in any of them.
Kaczynski worked alone, he distanced himself from the crimes, but there’s one thing he couldn’t keep under wraps. His ego.

Candice DeLong [Courtesy Candice DeLong]

Candice DeLong [Courtesy Candice DeLong]


He wanted credit for those crimes, so he said, “I am a member of a group. We are known by the FBI as Unabomb.” He wanted, and he had demands in his manifesto. “We want this, this, this, and this. We are doing what we’re doing because of these reasons,” and that’s what did him in.

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