17 Years After College Student Found Mysteriously Murdered, Parents Still Hunt For Killer

Andrew Tan Tai Moore lived life to the fullest. As a 26-year-old college student in San Diego, Moore was working as a chef at night at the Gaslamp Quarter restaurant and by day, he was studying at the San Diego City College with a dream of one day going into international business. His parents said their son was in a good place in life and he loved everything about being in California.

On September 12, 2000, life stood still for the Moore family. CBS 8 said a relative went to Moore’s rented studio apartment to make sure he was okay. The uncle received a call from his worried sister back in Pennsylvania, who asked him to check on her son because she couldn’t reach him. When the uncle peeked in a window, he could see something was terribly wrong. The police were called to the apartment.

Moore was found dead in his bedroom – he had been shot and stabbed to death.

Moore’s apartment was found ransacked, and expensive cutlery was taken. But one of the most important clues was also taken from the scene: Moore’s beloved 1994 Suzuki Katana motorcycle. Authorities said a month later, the bike was found abandoned in the Golden Hill neighborhood. It’s unclear if anyone was ever seen on surveillance dumping the bike.

On the occasion of what would have been the young man’s 42nd birthday, and in his honor, Moore’s parents, Rita and Richard, spoke out in front of police headquarters about their son’s case. She said her son was adopted from Vietnam in 1974, and he hailed from Pennsylvania. She said he fell in love with California when he stayed with his uncle one summer and worked for SeaWorld.

“Andy was a friend to everybody, you could say. He was very friendly and outgoing. We could just picture him having an apartment there and leaving the door open, “ Rita added.

That theory may very well be the case. According to CBS 8, Moore was seen only 48 hours before his death entertaining three unidentified people. The report said there were two men and a woman inside his apartment. It is investigators’ belief that he died that night, the report added.

But who were those people? Were they friends or fellow college students? At this point that is unclear, but Rita said she does receive regular updates about the investigation from authorities in San Diego.

The print publication spoke to homicide Lieutenant Manny Del Toro. Despite the odds and the length of time that has gone by, he said, “We run DNA checks on that case about two or three times a year in hopes of obtaining additional information. Although there are no known witnesses at the time, we continue to interview individuals who we believe might have possible information.”

Richard Moore, the victim’s father, also spoke to the CBS station about the investigators saying they “really do work very hard” to solve his son’s mysterious death.

Although the Moore family remains heartbroken that their son’s case has not been solved, they do something every year in his honor. In memory of Andrew Moore, there is a scholarship fund for the city college. The winner of the scholarship receives $500. The goal is to screen students who apply and to give that award to the student who is in the workforce, but returned to college — just like Andrew Moore.

Rita added, “We want justice for Andy. That’s what we went. That’s what we need. Andy deserves that. Someone took his life from him.” 

If you know anything about this case, please contact Crime Stoppers directly at (888) 580-8477. You can always remain anonymous.

CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station – KFMB Channel 8

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